89430 Sergeant William Hartley Barnes.

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71st Field Company Royal Engineers.

Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in the London Gazette of 22 September 1919.

Barnes was a native of Burnley, Lancashire.

The Burnley Express of 17 May 1919 reported, CHEAPSIDE SERGEANT HONOURED. One of Six Soldier Brothers. Information has been received this week that 89430 Sergeant William Hartley Barnes, late of the 71st Field Company, Royal Engineers, who resides at 24, Moore Street, Cheapside, has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. The official notification is signed by Lieutenant General Marshall, C.O. Mesopotamia Experditionary Force. Sergeant Barnes also received a letter from one of his old officers that stated, "Dear Sergeant Barnes, I enclose an extract from G.R.O. of this day showing your award of the Meritorious Service Medal, in case you may not have had notification. I wish to tender my hearty congratulations and to say how glad all the officers and men of this company would be were they here. I thank you on my behalf and that of Major Roberts and all the other officers for the excellent work you did with the company, and have no hesitation in saying that your M. S. M. is richly deserved. The 71st has ceased to exist. There only remain about 40 of the 1916 - 1917 men, who are retained for the Army of Ocupation". Yours, W. C. Ancotts, Kettlethorpe Hall, Newark.

Sergeant Hartley Barnes joined the army in 1915, and served seven months in Gallipoli and three years and one month in Mesopotamia. He has recently been demobilised, and is now following his occupation in Kidrow Lane.

He is one of six brothers who have served through the war. The eldest is Quartermaster Sergeant Thomas W. Barnes who is still serving abroad with the East Lancashire Regiment. Sergeant John "Jack" Barnes, who was with the East Lancashire Regiment was killed during the first battle of Ypres in 1914. Sergeant Septimus Barnes, recently demobilised was with the Connaught Rangers. These three are Mons heroes. There are also Private Optimus Barnes and Private Albert W. Barnes, both still serving with the East Lancashire Regiment.