13107 Private Fred Busfield.

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2nd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

Awarded the Military Medalin the London Gazette of 6 January1917.

Busfield was a native of Burnley, Lancashire.

The Burnley News of 27 March 1918 reported, Two Burnley Heroes. Mayor Presents Medals At Palace Theatre. Men who joined up together; and went over the top together. An interesting ceremony was performed at the Burnley Palace Theatre on Monday night when the Mayor (Alderman Sinclair), pinned Military Medals on the breasts of Sergeant Fielding, of, 67, Parliament Street, Burnley, and Corporal Busfield, 7, Bishop Street, Burnley. Both men were in the 2nd East Lancashires, and had had a career together which was very remarkable. They joined together, went out together as privates, fought together, went over the top together, and would both have been promoted sergeant together, but for in the deed for which they were both awarded the Military Medal (sic), Corporal Busfield had the misfortune to lose his left Leg. The article goes on to say:- "They went out to France together, got their medals together, and on July 31st last they were in the same action together. Both were privates then. They went over the top together again. Sergeant Fielding was awarded a bar to his Military Medal and made Sergeant. Unfortunately, Corporal Busfield lost his leg, and though he was recommended, along with Sergeant Fielding, he has not got any recognition yet. The medal was gained for "gallant conduct in the field. The two men were in charge of a Lewis Gun party, when a shell buried one of the team of five men. The two men used the other Lewis gun, and went forward under heavy fire to cover the party of men who were digging out the wounded". That was a very brave act indeed." The Mayor then pinned on the medals amid loud cheers.

Although from the above report it gives the impression that the Military Medal was awarded for 31 July 1917, it was in fact for an action on the Somme in the Autumn of 1916.