241840 Sergeant Donald Foulds.

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2/5th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

Awarded the Military Medal in the London Gazette of 27 June 1918.

Foulds was a native of Burnley, Lancashire.

The Burnley Express reported, ONE OF GREY'S GALLANT LAD'S. Sergeant D. Foulds, son of Mr. J. A. Foulds, cabinet maker, Burnley Lane, is now in hospital in Reading suffering from wounds received in action. He is one of three brothers who are serving their country - one is in the Flying Corps, and the other in Salonika. The name of Sergeant Donald Foulds appeared in the list of the 2/5th East Lancashire men who have been awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in the field and devotion to duty. Below are a few particulars gleaned from a letter of the action in which Sergeant D. Foulds earned his distinction. On March 21st the battalion were back in a small village, in the immediate support of the 4th Battalion, when, about 4 a.m., the enemy opened a furious bombardment. The morning was very misty, and it was impossible to see far. Being called out, they were led by Captain Tom Grey through the barrage of all manner of stuff - gas in particular - to the battle position, where they waited. The mist began to clear, and they could see the enemy advancing - it seemed in thousands - over the ridge. Sergeant Foulds was sent up a sunken road with a party of men, and opened fire. Eventually things became very hot, and although the party had decreased considerably in numbers, they held on until the order to fall back was given. Just then Sergeant Foulds was hit, and with the help of a stretcher-bearer, made his way to the dressing station. Never will the sergeant forget that morning. Through it all the good old Lancashires stuck to it, and as they fell back they pounded lead into the German hordes as hard a possible. Just his numbers were against us.