6180 Corporal Arthur Ernest Irving.

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2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howard's).

Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in the London Gazette of 3 June 1915.

Awarded the Russian Medal of St. George 3rd Class in the London Gazette of 25 August 1915.

Mentioned in Dispatches in the London Gazette of 30 November 1915 by General Sir John French for gallant and distinguished service in the field.

Irving was a native of Kirby Stephen, Yorkshire. Living at the outbreak of the war at Burnley, Lancashire.

The citation for the Distinguished Conduct Medal published in the London Gazette reads, "For conspicuous gallantry and resource at Neuve Chapelle on 12th March 1915, when he rushed forward alone and threw bombs at the enemy, causing them to evacuate their trench and come under fire from their comrades."

The Burnley Express of 14 April 1915 reported, ANOTHER BURNLEY D.C.M. YORKSHIRE REGIMENT'S HONOUR The laurels won by Burnley men on the battlefields have been many, and in the most recent clash of arms at Neuve Chapelle another Distinguished Conduct Medal has been gained. According to a letter received at Burnley this week, this honour has come to Corporal A. E. Irving of the Yorkshire Regiment, The letter has been sent to Miss Clarke of 42, Briercliffe Road saying: - I cannot tell you much about France, as we are not allowed, so when I come safe home I will be able to give you a few hours interesting talk of what I have seen. I wish you to do me the favour of breaking the news to my wife that during that big battle at Neuve Chapelle, I won the Distinguished Conduct Medal, which you will see in the papers in a few days time. I went to see my commanding officer this morning, and he said how proud he was that I had done so well for the regiment, and he hoped I would be able to do more. Through getting that honour I may well get the chance to come home, to see how everybody is doing, and get the chance of a rest! I don't think the war can last much longer, as he (the Kaiser) is just about bottled up now. I may tell you I am ready for home, although I keep in the best of spirits and try to enjoy myself the best that I can when we are in the trenches. Corporal Irving has completed nine years service, and took on an extra period of service in the reserve in May last year. He got called up early on and went out shortly after joining his regiment. Before leaving Burnley, he had just finished working on the tramways. He is a native of Kirby Stephen, Cumberland and 27 years of age. An interesting feature is the fact that a baby was born to his wife about three weeks ago. Now, of course, he is additionally anxious to get home on leave. His home is 33, Ivy Street, and he is well known in the Burnley Lane district.

The Burnley Express of 18 September 1915 reported, AN ADDITIONAL HONOUR BURNLEY SERGEANT'S PROUD RECORD Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for signal services at Neuve Chapelle in bombing the enemy trenches and later promoted from corporal to sergeant for a similar achievment at Givenchy, Sergeant A. E. Irving, of the 2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment has now it is intimated has had a third honour conferred upon him by the Czar of Russia, the Medal of St. George Third Class for gallantry and distinguished service in the field. A native of Kirby Stephen, Westmoreland, where his widowed mother still resides. Sergeant Irving had just completed service on the Burnley Tramways when called up as a reservist last year. His home in at 33, Ivy Street, Burnley, and he is well known in the district. The sergeant had completed nine years service in the army in May, 1914, but took on for an extra period. Shortly before his Distinguished Conduct Medal was announced a baby was born to his wife which we understand he has never seen.