241104 Sergeant Matthew Mawer, MM.

2/5th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment. Awarded the M.M., in the London Gazette of 27 June 1918. Mawer was a native of Burnley, Lancashire.

The Burnley Express of 3 December 1919 reported:-

The Vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Burnley has presented the Military Medal to ex- C.S.M. Mawer, 2/5th East Lancashire Regiment, gained for the memorable operations on the Somme in 1918. Mr. Mawer who resides at 5, Short Street, Burnley, and who is a popular member of St. Matthew's, suitably responded. Matthew Mawer was born circa 1884 served in the during the war with the 2/5th East Lanc's Regt., for 4 years and was C.S.M., from March 1917. He was struck down by flu on the 30 October 1918, and was hospitalised until the 12 November. During this period many men died due to this illness. After the war he returned to Burnley and was in business on Nairne Street for many years as a shoemaker and repairer.

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