700371 Bombardier Wilfred Pate, MM.

"B" Battery. 210th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Awarded the Military Medal in the London Gazette of 28 September 1917 . Pate was a native of Padiham, Lancashire.

The circumstances of the award are in the "History of the 42nd East Lancashire Division 1914-1918," by Fredrick P Gibbon, page 95.

Night Patrols and Raids.

"On the 8 July 1917 the Division was relieved by the 58th Division, with the exception of the artillery, which remained in the line with the 58th Division, and later the 9th Division, at Havrincourt Wood, until the end of August, when it rejoined its own Division in Belgium. The artillery's periods of "rest" were infrequent and uncertain. Whenever the divisional infantry was relieved the guns would remain in the line for a time, attached to the relieving Division. From the artillery point of view, the work at Havrincourt consisted mainly in concentrated fire at night on back areas of the enemy lines and in artillery duels. Corporal Charles Gee of B/210 Brigade, twice won distinction during this period. On 22 July, near Hermies, a hostile shell set a gun pit on fire, and Gee, with Bombardier W. Pate, disregarding the explosions, succeeded in covering the burning material with earth, and so saved a considerable amount of ammunition."

For this act of gallantry both men were awarded the Military Medal.

The Burnley News of 10 October 1917 reported: -

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