2/Lieutenant Alfred Victor Smith, VC.

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1/5th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

Awarded the V.C. in the London Gazette of 3 March 1916. Awarded the French Croix de Guerre in the London Gazette of 30 March 1916.

Smith was a native of Burnley, Lancashire. Killed in action on the 22 December 1915. The citation for his V.C. published in the London Gazette reads: - "For most conspicuous bravery. He was in the act of throwing a grenade when it slipped from his hand and fell into the bottom of the trench, close to several of our officers and men. He immediately shouted out a warning, and himself jumped clear and into safety; but seeing that the officers and men were unable to get into cover, and knowing well that the grenade was due to explode, he returned without any hesitation and flung himself down on it. He was killed instantly by the explosion. His magnificent act of self sacrifice undoubtedly saved many lives."

Alfred Victor Smith was the only son of Burnley's Chief Constable, William Henry Smith and his wife Louisa. He was born in 1892 at Guilford, Surrey. At the outbreak of war he was a lieutenant in the 5th East Lancashire Regiment residing at 39, Scott Park Road, Burnley, Lancashire.

The Victoria Cross won by Lieutenant Alfred Victor Smith is in the collection of Towneley Hall Museum, Burnley, Lancashire.