56116 Driver Joe Burrow Stuttard, MM.

105th Battery, 22nd Brigade, R.F.A. Awarded the Military Medal in the London Gazette of 29 March 1919. Stuttard was a native of Burnley, Lancashire.

An award for Italy.

Joe Burrow Stuttard wrote the following note for his grandson Peter Simpson who has kindly let me use it on this page along with the four photo's........."Enlisted at Nelson on the 9 December 1914. Went to Fulwood Barracks at Preston where I did my training. Ordered overseas, February, 1915, left Preston to Woolwich, from Woolwich to Southampton. Sailed across to Le Havre, and marched 7 miles to Honfleur, RAF base. From here took the train to the line, arrived at a place called Padre, joined the 2nd Battery, 13th Brigade, 7th (Meerut) Division. Further up the line to Estaires. Went into action at La Bassee from there to Laqueretoes. First engagement, Neuve Chapelle 9 March 1915, back to rest at La Fosse then to Vieille Chapelle 11 May 1915. Back in action at Feslerburgh then to Aubers Ridge, made no impression on the enemy, back to Vieille Chapelle 25 September 1915, battle of Loos. Went to Ypres (Leper) 1916 in action at Neuve Eglise, November 1915, went to Doulons onto Treux, Morlancourt went into action at Albert in preparation for the battle of the Somme July 1916. Move first day of the battle we took Carnoy and Mametz then returned to Ypres 1917. Pashendale, Decoy Bush, Hellfire Corner, Menning in action at Chateau Wood then back to the Somme at Treux, back in action at Montaban in front of Albert, here saw Basil Allan killed dropping from an Observation Balloon, he was the singer of Philbert the nut with a cane. Back to Ypres very quiet November 1917. Entrained for Italy, arrived Turin then Milan went across northern Italy through Padua, Vercenzer to Trivison and Asiago Plateau in action on the plateau, near Monte Grappa famous for its wine, down to Monte Bela then to rest at Lugo to Lake Garda and stayed in a small village Sermione then to the Piave River which forded. Onto Sarcili Pordurnordi Rd where a Austrian Battery was laid low by our aeroplanes, we had to dismount to drag the bodies to the road side so that we could pass. It was on this road that I was given the Military Medal for bravery for stopping a team of horses and gun under heavy shell fire which had bolted. On the 4 November 1918 the Austrians surrendered. On the 2 December 1918 I was presented with the ribbon for the Military Medal, Major General Herbert Shoubridge. 11 June 1919 came home on leave then I returned to Larkhill, Salisbury Plain then transferred to the Army Reserve the end of an episode of my Army career. Just for you Peter, Love Grandad, Joe Burrow Stuttard, MM, RFA.

I will look into the spelling of place names etc, and amend as neccessary in due time!

Died on the 20 February 1980 and buried in Briercliffe Cemetery. Husband of Mary Alice Stuttard.

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