Lance/Sergeant Richard Bullock MM
242048 1st Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
Died of Pnuemonia 25th March 1919, aged 32
Lived at 15 Towneley Street
Buried in Wheatley Lane Inghamite Cemetery, UK
Burnley Express 29th May 1920

My dear lady

I was very happy to receive your letter, also the souvenir of my dear Richard. If only he could know that I was able to correspond with his dear parents, he would be so happy. You said my letter came as a big surprise to all in learning that he had a fiancée. In effect because Richard told me that he didn’t want to write to you, but that he was waiting with joy to return home to surprise you with the news that he finally made his choice in Belgium and he was hoping to return if possible at the end of July.
I thank you very much for your good intentions, for you told me that I would have been welcomed by you all, if ever that could have happened, you could have got to know me and known that I was all that he wanted and that I’m honest and from a very honourable family.
Richard was for me, my first and unique fiancé. He wanted to write a few times to tell you that I loved him, but that was impossible because Richard was too proud, he was an angel on earth. He came to my home everyday from 7 to 10 at night and almost all day Sundays. How happy he was when he was with my family and close to me, he loved us all, we loved each other so much. He had a happy and amusing character, always a smile on his lips and knew French well enough and he even taught me some English, enough so that we could speak easily.
Our dear lady, we loved each other with a sincere love, as my Richard would have at this instant, and now all I have as consolation is his dear photograph that I look at without ceasing and I can’t believe that he that I loved with all the power of my soul will never return. My parents are deeply saddened because they loved him like a real son and his memory will stay with us eternally.
Accept dear lady and all your family, my most respectful salutations.

Mademoiselle Dubois

I have permitted myself to correspond in french, because for me it is easier. I must not remain a stranger. Richard said that he had a nephew who could do the translating.

Madeleine Adolphine Dubois was born on the 22nd April 1890 in Morlanwelz, Belgium, she was the daughter of Vital and Adlophine Garin. She later married Georges Pourbaix (a painter) on the 1st July 1922. They lived at 8 Montoyer Street in Morlanwelz .
Madelaine died on the 28th February 1975

The Burnley News, Saturday, March 29, 1919. pg. 3. (photo of Sergt.
Richard Bullock with the article)

Mrs. Bullock and family, of Granville street, Briercliffe, have suffered a sad blow this week by the death of Sergt. Richard Bullock, who returned home on Saturday last after serving in France from
February 1917 to that time, with a break which he was wounded at Paschendale Ridge. He was suffering from a cold when he arrived home, and took to bed on Sunday, and Dr. Donaldson was called on Monday. However, acute pleurisy had set in, followed by pneumonia, and he passed away on Tuesday morning. Sergt. Bullock, who was 32 years old, spent the first 22 years of his life at Brierfield, and was well known in sporting circles, being a member of the old Brierfield Cycling Club, and of the Brierfield Swifts Football Club. While at Brierfield he was a weaver at Whitehead's Mill. He was a keen homing fancier. Below is a copy of a congratulatory message received by him from his Brigadier-General:-"The Major-General, 4th Division, has received a report of the good work and devotion to duty of 242048, Corpl. (since made Sergt.) R. Bullock, 1st King's Own (R.L.) Regt., and he wishes to congratulate him on his fine behaviour." Prior to joining up in April, 1916, Sergt. Bullock was a weaver at Walshaw Mill. The internment takes place to-day (Saturday) at Wheatley Lane.




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