Private Benjamin Jackson
574077 988th Coy Labour Corps
formerly 12588 1st East Lancashire Regiment
Died of Wounds 19th May 1918, aged 24
Lived at 61 North Street
Buried in Tannay British Cemetery, France
St.Andrews Memorial, Burnley

Burnley Express 29th May 1918 - 22nd June 1918

born & enlisted Burnley, Son of late Andrew and Sarah Jackson, 61 North Street

KILLED BY A LONG RANGE GUN Burnley Youth’s Fine Record (Burnley Express 29/05/18)

Mrs Wearn of 61 North Street, Burnley, has just received a letter from an Officer announcing the death, on April 9th, of her brother, Private Benjamin Jackson, 574077, of a Labour Battalion. The unfortunate soldier was a single man, 24 years of age and previously to enlistment was in the employ of Messrs Grimshaw, Keirby, Brewery. He was connected with St Andrew’s Church and School.
Mrs Wearn has received the following letter:-“It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that your brother was killed on the 9th, instantaneously by a shell from a long range gun. He died almost instantly, so you will have the consolation of knowing that he did not suffer long. He was buried the same day, and the grave, being well behind the lines, will be registered. Again expressing my sincere regret and that of his comrades,-Yours faithfully, Captain Percy Dawson.”
Private Jackson joined the colours at the outbreak of war, and received his training at Salisbury Plain, being drafted to France a year later (1915). Private Jackson had on previous occasions been wounded, for one of which he received at the Somme; he was treated for some months in a military hospital in Liverpool. Several members of the family are serving the colours. Private Josiah Thomas Wearn, brother-in-law of the deceased soldier, made the supreme sacrifice on September 20th last year (1917); and Corporal Albert George Wearn, of the Cheshire’s, served at the Dardanelles, and was gassed and wounded; while another brother-in-law, Private Thomas Tooby, is at present in hospital in Oxford suffering from gas.




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