Private Peter Stanworth
202579 1/4th Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment
Died 24th August 1918, aged 30
Lived at 8 Fairholme Road
Commemorated on the Loos Memorial, France
Burnley Express
4th September 1918

Burnleys Great War Centenary
Sponsored by: the children of St. Stephen’s CE Primary School


Mr Peter Stanworth, with occasional interruptions, had served St. Stephen’s School from as early as 1903 when he began his scholastic career as a monitor. It was on him, a member of an old Burnley Wood family, that the Headmaster’s mantle fell in 1914. However, this was war time and he began his tenure under incredible difficulties, the first assistant Mr. Spencer was called to the colours. Yet we read that normal routine was maintained in school. It being war time all the national occasions such as Empire Day and Trafalgar Day were celebrated with patriotic fervour. ‘The anthems of the Allies were sung, the children saluting the flag’. Winter days of cold weather and fuel shortage, the first school meals, early closure and extended holidays paint a picture of devotion to duty on the part of headmaster and staff. Then on March 27th 1917 Mr Stanworth wrote in the school Log Book:
‘The headmaster has this day received instructions to join the army. Arthur Percy Kenyon has been appointed temporary head in my absence.’
Eighteen months later with victory almost in sight, Mr Kenyon records in that same Log Book:
‘2nd September 1918: Received news that Mr Stanworth has been killed in action on 24th August. Everyone dreadfully troubled




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