Stoneyholme Church Memorial

The New Church, Briercliffe Rd roll is now at Towneley as the church is, or will be, closing soon.

Also, the Stoneyholme memorial was there and this is also at Towneley. I’m not sure yet where it hung – in the Wesley Chapel, Institute or Sunday School if there was one. It seems that it was re-located to the New Church c1995

(Courtesy of Mike Townend Towneley Hall)

If anyone has any information on where this memorial was originally located, please email


William H Brierley
Richard H Coad
Harry Coulson
Walter Corke
Samuel T Campbell
James Edwards
John Fletcher
Charles W Foster
Henry Grundy
Richard Holt
Clarence E Hartley
Albert Howarth
Gilbert Hurley
Ronald Johnson
William Lowe
George Metcalfe
Sam; Metcalf
Richard Marsh
Charles Phelps
James Stansfield
Richard Stancombe
Peter Smith
Harry Towers
Walter Tuck
Wilfred Richardson
Clifford Waddington




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