Private Herbert Dronfield Cocker
25255 Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment
Lived at 36 Church Street
Burnley Express 9/5/1917 - 12/5/1917 - 14/7/1917
Founder of Cockers Sports
Recorded as a Prisoner of War

"My grandfather was Herbert Dronfield Cocker and it was amazing to see him on your site. I was aware that he had been a prisoner of war and have some correspondence relating to that. My grandmother was initially informed that he had been killed in action and she received a war widows pension. I am not sure if she later heard from him or if he just suddenley came back! He appears to have been held in a place called" Heydekrug" but I have been unable to find any info about this place relating to the Great War. Have you come across this name or could you point me in the direction of someone who might know about it. I believe he probably took part in the Arras offensive, which began on the 9th April, and was left for dead on the battle field. Apparently he survived for some days by eating raw onions and then I presume he was captured"

(courtesy of his grandaughter Sylvia Wright)






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