The Western Front Association East Lancashire Branch


Chairman Andrew Gill 01282 422772Treasurer Brian Hirst 01282 789114


Meetings held at Nelson House - Nelson Square, Burnley BB11 1LA
Meetings to start at 8pm
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Meetings Calendar- 2011-2012
October 26th " Extremities of the Western Front" Dave O'Mara
November 23rd "Leadership, Morale & Esprit de Corps" Terry Dean
January 25th  "The Hohenzollern Reboubt" Martyn James
February 22nd "Somme Success"  Peter Hart
March 28th "Basra War Cemetery & Memorial" Vern Littley
April 25th No Meeting
May 30th  'The Ijzertoren and the story of the Flemish Martyrs' Dave O'Mara
June 27th  Meeting cancelled
July 25th 'Britannia's Unruly Foster Children, Americans In The British Army 1914-1918' Mike O'Brien
August 29th "Macdonell’s Multi Continental, 3 Dimensional War" Terry Dean 
September 26th "The Burnley Rifles at the battle of Loos" Andrew Gill  
October 24th 'Sir Cuthbert Headlam and the First World War'. James Beech
November 28th "The Royal Flying Corps" Dr Graham Kemp
December 19th  'Merry Bloody Christmas' - the Wienachtschlacht and the other battles of Xmas 1914' Dave O'Mara

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