Private Thomas Henry Chadwick
18503 3rd Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment
Died 4th July 1920, aged 27
Lived at 3 Farrer Place
Buried in Burnley Cemetery, UK

"I have only been able to find one document relating to his military service - his attestation document dated 1st Sept 1914. It appears that he volunteered with the East Lancashires on the above date. However, on 5th October 1914, he was subsequently discharged due to being deemed "not being likely to become an efficient soldier as unsuited" ! I suspect that he either volunteered again later in the war or was conscripted. I have a couple of photographs (one attached) of him in uniform. One of them depicts him with his wife (my great-grandmother) & my grandmother. In the photo, my grandmother is about 2 or 3 years old; this places the photo around late 1915 to early 1917.I note with interest that he appears to be wearing an "RMP" armband - presumably, Military Police ?)

I am also interested in any information surrounding his death. (He actually died on 3rd July 1920, not 4th, as stated on your site). His address (he died at home according to his death certificate) at the time of his death was 45 Tarleton Street. The family story was that he suffered from shellshock & died due to drink, becoming an alcoholic towards the end of his life. However, the certificate itself states the cause of death as "valve disease of the heart". It also confirms that no post mortem was carried out. There was never any mention by anyone of heart problems & unless there were, it seems unlikely that a doctor could establish this cause of death without an autopsy ! What also seems odd, is that the name of the doctor who certified the death certificate has been crossed out & the certificate signed again by someone else. The certificate was also issued on 3rd July 1920, the day he died - which seems very quick !" (Information and photograph courtesy of Carl Swaffer)




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