Able/Seaman Arthur Robinson
291811 Royal Navy
Drowned at Sea 24th March 1915
Buried in Gillingham Cemetery, UK

Brothers Leonard and Thomas Killed in Action

HMS Undaunted was an Arethusa-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy launched on 28 April 1914 at Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company's shipyard at Govan.
Undaunted participated in numerous naval operations during the First World War. On commissioning she was assigned as the leader of the 3rd Destroyer Flotilla of the Harwich Force, guarding the eastern approaches to the English Channel. On 28 August 1914 Undaunted took part in the Battle of Heligoland Bight, and on 17 October 1914 she was involved in an action with German Torpedo boats resulting in the sinking of four German ships. On the 25 December 1914 she took part in the Cuxhaven Raid, and on 24 January 1915 she took part in the Battle of Dogger Bank.
In April 1915 Undaunted was damaged in collision with the destroyer HMS Landrail, and on 24 March 1916 she was again damaged in a collision, this time with the cruiser HMS Cleopatra. In 1917 she was appointed as leader of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla of the Harwich Force, and in November 1918 was reassigned to the 4th Light Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet.
She survived to see the end of the First World War, and was sold for scrapping on 9 April 1923 to Cashmore, of Newport







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