2nd Lieutenant Alfred Victor Smith VC
1/5th East Lancashire Regiment
Killed in Action 22nd December 1915, aged 24
Lived on Scott Park Road
Buried in Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Gallipoli
Commemorated on Burnley Grammar School Memorial
Commemorated on St Matthews Church Memorial
Commemorated on St Catherines Church Special Memorial
Burnley Express 20/11/1915 - 1/1/1916 - 1/1/1916 - 1/1/1916 -
4/1/1916 - 12/6/1915 - 25/1/1916 - 29th January 1916 - 2nd February 1916 - 5/2/1916 - 4/3/1916 - 4/3/1916 - 1/4/1916 - 3/2/1917 - 24/2/1917 - 31/3/1917 - 21/7/1917 - 25/7/1917 - 25/7/1917 - 25/7/1917 - 25/7/1917
Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
Fleetwood Chronicle 30th March 1917 – unveiling of memorial tablet.


Alfred with his parents

Alfred was the son of Burnleys Chief Constable W.H.Smith, he was born on the 22nd July 1891 in Guildford, Surrey .and educated at Burnley Grammar School. He was also connected with Trinity College choir,St Catherines Sunday School and Amateur Operatic Society.
He was also a swimmer and Gymnast.
After leaving school aged 18 he was an Inspector of Blackpool Police and Fire-Brigade until the outbreak of war when he
was commissioned as a 2nd/Lieutenant on the 10th October 1914 in the 2/5th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment, landing in Gallipoli on the 13th May 1915 where he was attached to the Royal Munster Fusiliers and then the King's own Scottish Borderers, fighting in the battles of May to June 1915.
He rejoined the 42nd Division and then fell ill with dysentry sailing to Alexandria and returned as a bombing instructor, he was killed by lying on a grenade to save others.

His Victoria Cross was gazetted on the 3rd March 1916 and his citation reads "For most conspicuous bravery. He was in the act of throwing a grenade when it slipped from his hand and fell into the bottom of the trench, close to several of our officers and men. He immeadiately shouted out a warning, and himself jumped clear and into safety; but seeing that the officers and men were unable to get into cover, and knowing well that the grenade was due to explode, he returned without any hesitation and flung himself down on it. He was killed instantly by the explosion. His magnificent act of self sacrifice undoubtedly saved many lives."

He was also mentioned in despatches and awarded the French Criox du Guerre





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