Mazza's Eleven 1913-14

(Photo 20th June 1914)

Gregory Mazza – born in Italy 1861. Buried Burnley Cemetery.

Ice Cream parlour – 137 St.James St. Burnley

Started off youth football team in 1890’s – ‘Mazza’s Swifts’. Later, ‘Mazza’s XI’… continued until 1927, but peak was 1905 - 1915.
Amateur League Champions 1913-14 , Amateur Cup Winners 1914 (possibly/probably others too)
Had teams in the reserve leagues and junior leagues too. Reserve League Champions 1915
Arrested for: breech of licensing hours 1907, black-market dealings and profiteering , 1916
Descendants still living in Burnley (last Burnley Express entries… a birth in 1983 and a death from 2009)
“O’Mara” on the photo is John O’Mara (15/South Lancs…enlisted 18th May 1917, Discharged (Labour Corps) 28th Sept. 1918)
James O’Mara (11/East Lancs) also played for Mazza’s XI circa 1906/09 as did their elder brother William O’Mara (4th (and 5th) Coldstream Guards and Labour Corps …enlisted 8th Sept 1916, discharged 10th October 1918)…played circa 1905/06

To illustrate a small example of the calibre and pedigree of the Mazza’s XI/Mazza’s Swifts team, William later played league football for Bradford City in the 1st Division and James later played league football for Halifax Town of the 3rd Div North) and Nelson FC of the Central League and then the 3rd Division North. (John stayed as an amateur footballer in Burnley!!!!).

All 3 ended up at Barnoldswick Town FC (or Barnoldswick Park Villa???) later in life.

(Research by Dave O'Mara)

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