Burnley Great War Medal Found under Old Bus Station - was his Cap Badge found in France 92 years later ?

When the old bus station in Burnley was demolished to make way for its modern successor, a 1914 star from the Great War was unearthed by the contractors. Having laid there for decades the medal awarded to 10292 Pte Tom Skelly , has now led to his story being researched and his memory recorded.

He enlisted in the 1st battalion of the East Lancashire Regiment and went to war with them on 22nd August 1914, arriving in France on this date. After taking part in 'the retreat from Mons', the battle of Le Cateau, the Marne, the Aisne and the battle of Armentieres, he was killed in action on 11th November 1914 near Ploegsteert Wood, Belgium. Although, he was buried, his grave was lost and his name appears on the Ploegsteert memorial to the Missing.

Amazingly an East Lancashire Cap badge was unearthed at Le Geer in Belgium, close to the spot where Tom was killed on the 11th November 2006 exactly 92 years after his death, coincidence or history revealing its story?



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