Burnley Great War Poets

"An Appeal to Stay at Homes"

By Henry Stanworth

Here am I just a private soldier,
There may be braver there may be bolder,
But I am doing my best like thousands more,
To keep the enemy from England's shore.

But often I think of those "stay at homes,"
Who care little for a soldier's wounds and groans,
I wonder if they will be termed as men
When peace reigns supreme again.

Here we struggle, day after day,
To victory we'll sure have our way,
But victory would be slow to come,
Has we all stayed at home like some.

We have good homes, we respect like you,
Parents, wives, and children too,
Yet we deny ourselves of all homely pleasures,
While you just take things at your leisure.

Come, brothers, come, just think,
And don't like cowards from the enemy shrink,
Just think what depends upon this war,
And think of us from home so far.

So come like men and rally round,
Don't let the old flag be torn to the ground,
Just help to keep old England's name,
And gain more glories and more fame.





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