Burnley Great War Poets

Unkown Burnley Soldier Lad

In the deeds of deathless glory,
Deeds that won the Empire fame;
“Cameronians” Scottish Rifles,
Played their part and made their name.

Blenheim, Lucknow and Corunna,
Spion Kop their story tell;
But the greatest deed of valour
Fatal charge at Neuve Chapelle

Just a prayer before the action,
Valiant warriors humbly bow,
“God of Masses, God of Battle,
Lord of Hosts be with us now.”

Help us in the coming conflict
Guide and guard us in the fight;
Take and keep us in Thy power,
God above defend the right.

Rising from their supplication,
Strengthened by a Grace Divine;
Conscious that their cause is Righteous,
Hearts of steel, they form the line.

Swiftly at the charge advancing
“Mid’st a storm of shot and shell,
Rushed the gallant Scottish Rifles”
On the foe at Neuve Chapelle.

Forward, forward nobly dashing,
Thro’ a withering hail of lead;
Right and left the men are falling,
Leaving names of heroes dead.

Sprayed with shrapnel, wreathed in gun smoke
Dauntless thro’ that blasted hell,
Dashed the fearless lads in khaki
On the foe at Neuve Chapelle.

Stabbing, guarding, thrusting, parrying
Hacking thro’ their foes and way;
Wounded, battered, grim and gory,
Still they cheer amidst the fray.

Just a remnant still they rally
Fairly charge to each attack
Step by step their crimson bayonets,
Force the stubborn foeman back.

Foeman’s ranks are pierced and broken
Routed, lost, they turn and flee,
British Steel and British courage
Gain a glorious victory.

Bravely they have fought and vanquish
Foes whose barbarous deeds repel;
Won the field of fame and honour,
Bloody field of “Neuve Chapelle.”

Cameronians “Scottish Rifles, “
Gallant heroes where they lay
Few of them that saw the sunrise
Lived to see the close of day.

Neath a foreign sky they’re sleeping
History will proudly tell,
How they carved their way to glory
Death and Glory, Neuve Chapelle


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