Private Thomas Whitham VC
15067 1st Coldstream Guards
Born in Worsthorne 11th May 1888
Lived at 4 Board Street
Died 22nd October 1924
Buried in Wheatley Lane Inghamite Churchyard, Fence, UK

London Gazette 6th September 1917

"For most conspicuous bravery when, during an attack, an enemy machine-gun was seen to be enfilading the battalion on the right. Private Whittam, on his own initiative, immediately worked his way from shell-hole to shell-hole through our own barrage, rushed the machine-gun, and, although under a very heavy fire, captured it, together with an officer and two other ranks. The bold action on the part of Private Whittam was of great assistance to the battalion on the right, and undoubtedly saved many lives and enabled the whole line to advance."

"Worsthorne welcomes ThomasWhittam VC"

Please find attached a photo of Thomas after receiving his VC at Buckingham Palace on 19th October 1917. We're guessing that one of the ladies pictured is his wife Fedora. He had three sisters, Jessie, Margaret and Sarah, so one of those may be depicted. We would be grateful if anyone could shed light on this.
(Courtesy of Sue Whitham)




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