Burnley Streets

The rows of terraced houses in Burnley are disappearing as a result of the council's "Elevate" campaign. Whilst it may be beneficial to the town to provide more modern housing, another link with the tommies who fought in the Great War is being lost. I would be grateful of any scans of individual houses, streets or street scenes that people may have.

Please E-mail me at : andrew@burnleyinthegreatwar.info

Able Street/Old Hall Street Recent
Aigburth Street Number 19 Whittlefield 1908 reverse - Ada Bannister and her sister both of which were born in the house
Adland Street (Whittlefield) Number 14 Taken in 1975 Before demolition to build M65
Ashfield Road Site of Ashfield Road (after demolition) The mill in front of the camera is Ashfield Mill with its main three-story block and prominent weaving-shed roofs.Three brothers Frank, Ernest and Harry Hargreaves worked in their teens both looming and weaving at various times; their father was a loomer here for a considerably longer period and their mother and sisters also worked here. The mill was owned by William Slater from c.1893 up to his retirement c.1903, and then his sons; William Slater was the Hargreaves brothers' great-uncle
Ashfield Road Back Street. The chimney next to the railway viaduct was for Ashfield Mill's steam engine.
Back Lane  
Barracks Road Number 8 dated 1937
Caldervale Road Back Street
Coal Clough Lane  
Cronkshaw Building Venue of the 2/2nd E.L.F.A. Silver Re-Union 4th November 1950 (Courtesy of Brent Whittam)
Culvert Culvert & Gimlet Holes
Culvert Another View
Elletson Terrace  
Finslay Gate Canal Boat Yard
Fulledge Fulledge Wesleyan Field Day
Gannow June 1976, Gannow Top area. The street was eventually demolished to make way for the M65.
Gannow Unknown Street in the Gannow area
Healey Wood early 1900's
Hufling Lane  
Hufling Lane St Stephens walking day - courtesy of Peter Reaney
Lee Street Number 5 Recent
Manchester Road Pre War View looking down Manchester Road past the Rose & Crown
Manchester Road 1916 View of Royal Field Artillery at the junction with Reynolds Street
Romford Street Early General View
St James' Street Early View showing Red Lion Inn
St James' Street Thorn Commercial Hotel - courtesy of Peter Reaney
Todmorden Road Todmorden Road with entrance to Towneley Park at the bottom right
General View from Burnley Barracks to Weavers Triangle
River Calder View down the Calder taken approximately between Chalk St & Caldervale Rd. (both now re-developed) You can just see the junction of the River Brun at the far end of the picture The Brun at this point being higher than the Calder and requiring a weir.
(Courtesy of Ken Whinney)
Unknown On the reverse of the photograph "Keith Street or Sunderland Street" owned by Elizabeth Nicholls, nee Want (but certainly not Keith Street)
Wapping Bottom of Hall Street - courtesy of Dave Drury