Unidentified Photographs 12

If anyone recognises any of these men please send me an E-Mail to unidentified soldiers

Please find attached a photo of George Riley with his wife Sarah Elizabeth nee Sagar.
I can name this man but do not know which regiment he would have been in.
His parents were Darius and Mary Riley. Her parents were John and Alice Sagar.
George and Sarah Elizabeth were married April 27 1909.

I am in contact with Sarah Elizabeth's niece and we can place George and Sarah Elizabeth Riley at 22 Arundel Street in 1910.
In 1913 they were at 12 Railway Terrace. However we can't, as yet, place their address during the war years.

Sarah Elizabeth Sagar was James Sagar's sister. James Sagar's photo is already on your website and his details are
701253 Dvr RFA Bde_330 Arrundale St 22

Sarah Elizabeth Sagar was the cousin of my grandfather Hugh and his brothers
William and Albert Sagar - photos which are already present on your website

Photograph and information courtesy of Mia Bonini