The Western Front Association East Lancashire Branch


Chairman Andrew Gill 01282 422772Treasurer Brian Hirst 01282-786629


Meetings held at Nelson House - Nelson Square, Burnley BB11 1LA
Meetings to start at 8pm
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Meetings Calendar- 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have been unable to hold meetings since the 25th of February. No further meetings are planned before the 28th of October and this is obviously subject to Government guidelines.

Howeverewe have been able to organise a series of walks, with the third being planned for the 29th of August (see below)

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January 29th "The Blockade" - Graham Kemp
February 26th "From the Slums to Sarrebourg" - The escape of the son of poor Irish immigrants from the slums of Manchester to the Battles of the Frontiers, 1914. - Dave O'Mara
March 25th Cancelled
April 29th Cancelled
May 27th Cancelled
June 24th Walk "Rawtenstall in the Great War" - Andrew Mackay and Dave Drury
July 29th Walk "Some Corner of a not so Foreign Field " - Andrew Gill
August 29th Walk "Haggate in the Great War" - Andrew Mackay and Dave Drury
September 30th Cancelled
October 28th ???? "Auxiliary Hospitals" - Richard Preston
November 25th ???? "A French Soldiers Adventures Volume 2" - Catherine Rousseau-Jones
December 16th ???? "The Battle of Mons" - Niall Cherry

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