Burnley's Young Kitchener

1 Miss Jennie Jackson was a regular sight on the streets of Burnley from early in the war,
2 Jennie dressed as Florence Nightingale
3 Garlands and Medals
4 Fundraising in St James' Street, plus a closer look at that display of medals
5 Soldiers either on leave or convalescing
6 Belgian soldier plus a shot of two soldiers
7 Convalescing soldiers plus a photograph with Private Thomas Whittham VC
8 Brother, Corporal Richard Jackson MM & Bar, uncle, Fred Williams won the DCM

Purchase of an ambulance

10 Two more shots of the ambulance
11 Wars end in 1918
12 Jennies brother William, killed on the 27th of September 1917
13 William in uniform plus Jennie visiting her brothers grave
14 England for Ever and Ambulance
15 Jenny on a visit to Clitheroe - July 8th 1916.



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