Lance/Corporal Samuel Robinson Bailey
17088 6th East Lancashire Regiment
Killed in Action 6th August 1915,
at Gallipoli, aged 25
Lived at 28 Carr-street
Commemorated on the Helles Memorial Turkey
Burnley Express 4/09/1915

Samuel was the son of Miles Robinson Bailey who was a fish dealer living in Roebuck Street and he assisted his father on the Healey Wood round. He enlisted in November 1914 and celebrated his 25th birthday just four days before sailing to Gallipoli. He left a wife and two young children.
He was killed alongside William Adkin of Burnley and Harry Greenhalgh of Blackburn. His battalion were trapped in a gully and from 4.30 am on the 6th August 1915, they were under heavy Turkish rifle and machine gun fire. From 7 to 11 am, the gully was shelled with high explosives resulting in several casualties. Later, between 5.30 and 6 p.m., they were again under another heavy bombardment, causing further loss. The survivors did not get clear of the gully until the following day.
His cousin, William died of dysentery , whilst a prisoner of war in Bulgaria, after having been wounded in the leg while serving with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, also his uncle, John Robinson Bailey was killed in Mesopotamia.

Official intimation was received on Wednesday morning by his wife, who resides at 28 Carr-street, Burnley, of the death in action, on August 6th of Lce. Corpl. Samuel Bailey (17088) 6th East Lancashire Regiment. His wife had, however previously been informed, through a letter to another soldiers wife of the sad occurrence. In this it was stated that a Turkish shell burst and killed three and wounded six men, and one of the three was Bailey. They were buried together.
Lce. Corpl. Bailey is a son of Mr. Miles R. Bailey, fish dealer, of Roebuck-street, and before enlisting in November he assisted his father being chiefly on the Healey Wood round. He was very well known and highly respected, and the deepest sympathy will be extended to his young widow and two little children. Lce. Corpl. Bailey was 25 years of age in June, celebrating his birthday about four days before he set sail to the Dardanelles.

My maternal line is Bailey and I have traced a large part of the family to Burnley, Blackrod and surrounding villages. All the men (and most of the women) given the middle name of Robinson. I have found that this originates from when Jane Bailey of Bingley had a child out of wedlock to Roger Robinson (although they did later marry). The middle name was used throughout the family until my grandads birth (e-mail from Nicola Metcalfe)





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