"Our Fallen Heroes" 1920


The ever increasing casualties incurred as the war progressed were reported in the Burnley Express.
Initially under the blunt heading "The Death Roll" but later under the more acceptable title "Our Fallen Heroes"
Here is a chronological list of casualties as the war progressed.


16th January 1920 Joseph Anderson 12289 Royal Army Medical Corps.
24th January 1920 Cornelius Robinson 51626
4th East Lancashire Regiment
24th January 1920 Thomas Robson Campion 402396 Royal Air Force
23rd February 1920 Percy Magnall 97863 Royal Garrison Artillery
23rd February 1920 Gladstone Walton WR/347519 Royal Engineers (Inland Waterways & Docks)
1st March 1920 T (John Thomas?) Baldwin 11358 4th Kings Liverpool Regiment
2nd March 1920 John Varley   5th East Lancashire Regiment
5th March 1920 John Thomas Watson 59083 Nottingham & Derbyshire Regiment
8th March 1920 Robert Watson 73101 Machine Gun Corps
16th March 1920 John James Faulkner 77539 16th Manchesters Regiment
20th March 1920 Fred Hutchinson 37049 2nd East Lancashire Regiment
20th March 1920 Irvine Taylor 230398 Royal Horse Artillery
24th March 1920 Isaac A. Beatham 29037 1st Coldstream Guards
2nd April 1920 Robert Balderstone 3343 2nd East Lancashire Regiment
3rd April 1920 Rennie Whitaker 45171 Royal Irish Fusiliers
8th April 1920 Thomas Hunt 84653 Machine Gun Corps
12th April 1920 John Francis Tarren 2144 1/5th East Lancashire Regiment
16th April 1920 John Bannister 106195 Royal Garrison Artillery
17th April 1920 John William Mason 23910 1st Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
21st April 1920 Thomas Nowell 2508 Royal Marine Light Infantry
3rd May 1920 James William Crowther WR/273608 Royal Engineers
19th May 1920 James Sloane 5935 East Lancashire Regiment
19th May 1920 Fred Wilde 9792 1st East Lancashire Regiment
14th June 1920 G. H. Berry 84911 Royal Army Medical Corps
14th June 1920 J Edward Burns (Alias) Real Name Murray 158656 Machine Gun Corps (Motors)
19th June 1920 H Edmondson 63302 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
20th June 1920 Alma Pearson 13758 3rd East Lancashire Regiment
24th June 1920 W H Lyons MZT/SR/27 Army Service Corps
4th July 1920 Thomas Henry Chadwick 18503 3rd Kings own Royal Lancaster Regiment
4th July 1920 Albert Heaton 66268 Royal Engineers 128th Field Coy
14th July 1920 Jonas Sager Moat 89395 Royal Engineers
20th July 1920 Alexander Gorton 23582 1st Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
3rd August 1920 Harold Cumpstey 16072 Royal Marine Artillery
3rd August 1920 Emerson Tarren 61623 Machine Gun Corps
18th August 1920 Arthur Stansfield 240319 1/5th East Lancashire Regiment
26th August 1920 Frederick G Holman 13772 Royal Army Medical Corps
4th September 1920 Sutcliffe Hartley 18514 3rd East Lancashire Regiment
8th September 1920 Edwin Moss 623169 10th Canadian Infantry
10th September 1920 Thomas Spencer 583 Royal Army Medical Corps
11th September 1920 John Robinson Ackroyd 327099 1st Royal Garrison Artillery
19th September 1920 E Orrell 137408 Machine Gun Corps
22nd September 1920 Fred Haslam 243843 5th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
22nd September 1920 Thomas Stephenson 112013 Royal Fusiliers
23rd September 1920 William H Allison G/93517 Royal Fusiliers
3rd October 1920 J Tattersall 32870 Royal Defence Corps
23rd October 1920 George Marshall Wilshaw MSM 31947 Royal Army Medical Corps
28th October 1920 Frank Lloyd Harrison 241052 1/5th East Lancashire Regiment
5th November 1920 Arthur Ernest Lewis 296968 Royal Field Artillery
8th November 1920 Walter Kenyon SS/117527 Royal Navy
5th December 1920 Arthur Clark 68017 Royal Army Medical Corps
26th December 1920 Thomas Rawstron 248913 Labour Corps