Burnley Local Football Teams

Just as it is today, Burnley was a soccer town before the Great War.

Indeed Burnley F.C had won the last F.A. Cup before the war started.
Many of the lads who played in these local amateur sides would have gone on to serve during the war.
If anyone can identify any members of these teams, or has any other similar photographs, please send me a mail to



All Saints F.C. 1909
All Saints F.C. 1910-11
All Saints F.C. 1912-13
Burnley Amateurs 1911
Burnley Lads Club Albion 1911-12
Burnley Lads Club Juniors F.C 1913
Burnley Lads Club Swifts 1911-12
Canal Tavern F.C. c 1913
Calder Swifts F.C. 1912-13
Clifton Tuesday F.C. 1911-12
Clifton Tuesday F.C.1912-13
Fulledge F.C. 1913
Hanover F.C. (Hanover Methodist Free Church)
Howard Street F.C c 1913
Mazza's Eleven 1913-14
St Cuthbert's F.C. c 1913
St. Pauls F.C. 1911-12
St. Pauls F.C. Date Unknown
St Saviours 1920-21




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