Tagg Albert Hobson WR/29549 Pte RE Grassmere St_21
Tagg Henry 27235 Pte RAMC Mark St_13
Talbert Henry       Branch Rd_41
Talbot Doctor T/40725 Dvr ASC MT_373 Spencer St_49
Talbot Harry R/35519 Dvr ASC RD_2 Branch Rd_41
Talbot James 194152 Pte Labour Corps_231 Bassnet St_97
Talbot John Henry 28814 Pte KORLR Branch Rd_42* Formerly 21 Linby St
Talbot Joseph A/293847 Dvr ASC Colne Rd_142
Tallon Thomas Wilfred 36822 Pte E Lancs 1st 11 Bde 4 Div Lowerhouse Lane 214
Tapper Edward 04781 Pte AOC 25 Hopwood St_2
Tapper Herbert 45955 Pte York &_Lancs_2 16 Bde 6 Div Pear St_28
Tapper Thomas Joseph 656526 Dvr RHA 62 (Reserve)Bty Holbeck St_43
Tarrat Richard 56528 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_3 (Reserve) Veevers St_13
Tarren George 533134 Pte Labour Corps*Formerly KSLI Eastwood St_6
Tatah Robert William 65305 L/Cpl North Fus_1 9 Bde 3 Div  
Tate George 19581 Pte APC Branch Rd_100
Tate Harvey        
Tate Thomas Arthur 40166 Pte E Lancs_1/4 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Forrest St_1
Tate Walter 70135 Dvr RFA No_3_Sec_A_Col_20_Div Finsley Gate_71
TATHAM JAMES 32934 Pte Lancs Fus 12(S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Hollins Farm (Roughlee)
Tatham Joseph 192847 Pte Labour Corps_563 Olivant St_3
Tatham Joseph Harry 203176 Pte Loyal NLR_1/12 TF(Pioneer) Bassnett St_10
Tatham Robert Henry Arnold 241852 Sgt E Lancs_4 TF Rectory Rd_97
Tatlor George Alan Marsden 359632 Pte Labour Corps_806 Hall St_8
Tattersall Aaron 136974 Gnr RGA NAA_Bty_10th Merton St_4
Tattersall Albert Edmund M/67431? L/Cpl ASC MT Barden Lane_163
Tattersall Albert Howarth 83336 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_17 (S)(1 City)89 Bde 30 Div Bramble St_12
Tattersall Alfred 22567 Cpl RAMC Camp St_6
Tattersall Archibald 3728 OS RN HMS_President_Div_111 Brockenhurst St_66
Tattersall Arthur   OS RN HMS_President Boundary St_33
Tattersall Arthur 156070 Dvr RFA Towneley St_54
Tattersall Arthur 202905 Pte Labour Corps_22 Newhall St_29
Tattersall Arthur 36993 Pte Labour Corps_36 Newhall St_60
Tattersall Benjamin 57474 L/Cpl RNDH C_Coy Rawson St_2
Tattersall Daniel 1432 Pte Tank Corps Bulcock St_12
Tattersall David 032091 Dvr ASC MT Colne Rd_162
Tattersall Edmund 33044 Pte Rifle Bde_21 (Midland)TF Acre St_6
Tattersall Ernest 23911 Pte KORLR Raglan Rd_7
Tattersall Ernest M2/179439 Dvr ASC MT_978 Cleaver St_103
Tattersall Fred 42176 Pte RIR 15 (S)(N/Belfast)107 Bde 4 Div Albert St_111/113
Tattersall George Henry 84743 Gnr RGA AA_Coy_19 Colne Rd_145
Tattersall Harry   Pte Cheshire R Salus St_16
Tattersall Harry 138568 Gnr RFA Res_Bty_24 Briercliffe Rd_175
Tattersall Henry 161190 Dvr RFA Arch St_13
Tattersall Henry 130194 Pte MGC 25  
Tattersall Herbert MZ/1422 Sig RN HMS_Greenwick Melville St_82
Tattersall Herbert 3484 Pte Austrailian Army_50_C_Coy Bankhouse St_27
Tattersall Horace 87452 Sgt Kings L'Pool_R Oxford Rd_137
Tattersall Hubert P/15597 L/Cpl MFP 5th_Army Colne Rd_145
Tattersall James 443748 Pte Canadian Army_2  
Tattersall James 24992 Pte KORLR 1/4 TF 164 Bde 55 Div Anslie St_8
Tattersall James 101834 Pte Labour Corps_170+393 Cog Lane_160
Tattersall James T/419968 Dvr ASC MT Briercliffe Rd_65
Tattersall James Ewart 161055 Gnr RFA Bty_108 Padiham Rd_349
Tattersall Jesse 241979 Sgt KOR Lancasters  
Tattersall John 14036 Pte Scottish Rifles_11 (S)K-3 77 Bde 26 Div Acre St_6
Tattersall John 52559 Pte North Fus_2 84 Bde 28 Div Salus St_16
Tattersall John 29882 Dvr RFA 16_Bty_2rd_Div Prescott St_28
Tattersall Joseph 25618 L/Cpl Border R_8 (S)K-3 75 Bde 25 Div Cobden St_23
Tattersall Laurence 265797 Pte London Yeo_1/3 (Sharpshooters) Old Hall_Farm
Tattersall Lawrence 160933 Gnr RFA Oxford Rd_11
Tattersall Lewis 44450 Pte Somerset Lt_Inf_7 (S)K-2 61 Bde 20 Div Underley St_3
Tattersall Luther 202578 Pte E York_R_2/4 TF 189 Bde 63 Div  
Tattersall Matthew 6173 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Bde Florentine St_1
Tattersall Samue James 29961 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_17 (S)(1 City) Emily St_17
Tattersall Smith 12284 Driver R.F.A.  
Tattersall T R 20496 Pte Cheshire R_16(S)(2 Birkenhead)105 Bde 35 Div Dent Row_8
Tattersall Thomas 153274 Pte RAMC Ardwick St_19
Tattersall Thomas 32136 Pte Loyal NLR_6 (S)K-6 38 Bde 13 Div Duke St_33
Tattersall Thomas R/2344 AB RN HMS_Drake_63_Div Bramble St_12
Tattersall Thomas Gordon 25994 Pte Coldstream Gds_13_Coy Springfield Rd_104
Tattersall Victor Thomas 83632 Pte HQ 2rd_Corps Standish St_69
Tattersall Walter 365810 Pte RE Florentine St_1
Tattersall William 30965 Pte E Lancs_2 24 Bde 23 Div Marsden Rd_4
Tattersall William 65473 Pte Welsh R_9 (S)K-2 58 Bde 19 Div Marsden Rd_4
Tattersall Wilson 131587 Cpl Labour Corps_552 Queensbury Rd_5
Taylor Albert 24388 Gnr RFA FA_18 Lowerhouse Lane_203
Taylor Albert 1214 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Delph St_20
Taylor Alexander 29395 Pte AVC Reserve_Vet_Hosp_4 Melville St_61
Taylor Alfred 68834 Pte RDC 202 Charlotte St_33
Taylor Alfred 66610 Pte KOYLI 1 Belverdere Rd_94
Taylor Arthur 28505 Pte Manchester R_23 (S)(8 City)104 Bde 35 Div Catlow St_6
Taylor Arthur 250675 Pte RE WCLC Healeywood Rd_78
Taylor Arthur   AB RN HNS_Venus Albany Terrace_1
Taylor Arthur James 40663 Pte Labour Corps_68 Gordon St_18
Taylor Arthur Simpson 705091 Gnr RFA AM_Col_55_Div Wordsworth St_36
Taylor Bramwell 57901 Pte Manchester R_21 (S)(6 City) 91 Bde 30 DIv Belverdere Rd_94
Taylor Charles 3286 Pte RM Nelson_Btn Albion St_61
Taylor Clifford 66159 Pte North Fus_19_Y_Coy(S)(2 Tyneside Pioneers) Dugdale Rd_34
Taylor Clifford 8227 Pte RLL Nairne St_112
Taylor Donald 344432 Pte Cheshire R_11 (S)K-3 75 Bde 25 Div Hufling Lane_81
Taylor Edgar M/137222 Dvr ASC MT_3_Sect_619_Coy Lionel St_3
TAYLOR EDMUND 81543 Pte DLI 18(S)(1st County) 93 Bde 31 Div Cumberland St_12 Nelson
Taylor Edmund 352186 Pte RAMC 2/2 66 Div(2 E/Lancs) Duke St_1
Taylor Edward 44319 AM_1 RAF Sqd_9 Branch Rd_186* Formerly 63 Clarence St
Taylor Edwin 18371 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div  
Taylor Eli 48430 Pte Labour Corps_81 Colbran St_43
Taylor Ernest 37753 Pte Manchester R_2 14 Bde 5 Div Hughes St_11
Taylor Ernest 243812 L/Cpl Loyal NLR_1/5 TF Hufling Court_4
Taylor Ernest 242155 Pte KORLR 2/5 TF 170(2 N/Lancs Bde) 57 Div Dugdale Rd_34
Taylor Fred 29943 Cpl Loyal NLR_9 (S)K-3 74 Bde 25 Div Ince St_16
Taylor Fred 117524 Bdr RFA Clifton St_36
Taylor Fred S/327569 Dvr ASC MT_1081 Ardwick St_118
Taylor Fred 40675 Pte Labour Corps_68 Haslam St_19
Taylor Frederick 217576 Pte Labour Corps_739 Higgin St_1
Taylor Frederick 242251 Pte E Lancs_2/5 TF 198 Bde 66 Div Oporto St_2
Taylor Frederick 242251 Pte E Lancs_2/5 TF 198 Bde 66 Div Oporto St_2
Taylor Geoffrey Noel Tunstal   Capt E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Lowerhouse Lane_Vicarage
Taylor George 41898 Pte Suffolk R_3_B_Coy(Reserve)(Harwich Garrison) Lowerhouse Lane_207
Taylor George 239901 Pte RE CC_261 Hill Top_Farm
Taylor George 90645 Pte RWF Richard St_16
Taylor George A M 202929 Pte Cheshire R_1/4 TF 159 Bde 53 Div Halter St_20
Taylor George Edmund 102688 Pte RAMC Gen_Hosp_79 Colne Rd_56
Taylor George Edward 26726 Cpl RAF Dall St_63
Taylor George Henry (Jun) 38606 AM_1 RAF Sqd_21 Padiham Rd_245
Taylor George Stephen 25671 Pte AVC Vet_Hosp_15 Ivy St_31
Taylor Hargreaves 4368 L/Cpl MFP Traffic_Control_No_2 Barry St_27
Taylor Harold 235310 Pte Suffolk R_2_15_Plt_4_Coy 14 Bde 5 Div Pheasantford St_33
Taylor Harold 47198 Pte Labour Corps_551 Napier St_20
Taylor Harold L/663 Gnr RFA Hollin Hill_17
Taylor Harry 28607 Pte RAMC Gen_Hosp_32 Holmby St_15* Formerly 231 Barden Lane
Taylor Harry 205183 Pte Norfolk R Sandygate 89
Taylor Harry 87807 L/Cpl MGC 2_(2rd_Depot_Coy) Healeywood Rd_107
Taylor Harry 34815 Cpl Lan Fus_15 (S)(1 Salford)96 Bde 32 Div Waterbarn St_50
Taylor Heber 170528 Gnr RGA Siegh_Bty_11 Lionel St_3
Taylor Henry   AB RN HMS_Victory Briercliffe Rd_118
Taylor Henry 29009 ?? L/Cpl E Lancs_8 (S)K-3 74 Bde 25 Div  
Taylor Herbert 24114 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Rosehill Rd_2
Taylor Herbert M/346281 Dvr ASC MT Lord St_29
Taylor Herbert T4/247570 L/Cpl ASC MT Gillowe St_19
Taylor James 3863 L/Cpl E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Ashworth St_33
Taylor James 40685 Pte E Lancs_4 TF Barden Lane_91
Taylor James   L/Cpl RAMC London_San_Sect_71  
Taylor James 42331 Pte E York_R Mitre St_8
Taylor James 84080 Pte RDC 70 Phesant Court_6
Taylor James Edward   AB RN HNAT_Carisbrook_Castle Hufling Lane_77
Taylor James Henry 23874 Pte   Pendle St_17
Taylor James Howarth 317177 Pte RE Signal_Section Ardwick St_67
Taylor James Thomas 3/41133 Pte E Lancs_3 (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Pollard St_22
Taylor James Willie 244831 Sgt RFA Howsin St_19
TAYLOR JOHN 241290 Cpl/L/Sgt Lancs Fus 1/6th Burnley Policeman
Taylor John 44046 Pte Worcester R_2/8 TF 183 Bde 61 Div Scots Terrace_26
Taylor John 240835 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Ince St_16
Taylor John 40430 Pte E Lancs_4 TF Cog Lane_409
Taylor John 11021 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Hardy St_9
Taylor John 35328 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Div 13 Div Barden Lane_91
Taylor John 700768 Sgt RFA 13/330_Bde Gillowe St_21
Taylor John 300182 Bdr RFA Napier St_20
Taylor John 3158 L/Cpl London R_7 (City of London) Hughes St_17
Taylor John 13778 Pte Scottish Rifles_3 (Reserve)(Cromarty Garr) Quarry St_17
Taylor John 308338 Pte RE Lomas St_13
Taylor John 587604 Pte Labour Corps Moseley St_45
Taylor John 265276 Pte S Lancs Hufling Lane_39
Taylor John Edward 62584 Pte S Lancs_16 (Transport Workers)(Mersey) Cardinall St_15
Taylor John Edward 33994 Pte WRR Branch Rd_159
Taylor John G 230398 Gnr RFA  
Taylor John Hartley F/37861 AB RN HMS_Lion Waterloo Rd_43
Taylor John James 534554 Cpl Labour Corps Reed St_88
Taylor John James 241347 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Union St_2
Taylor John Robert 37001 Pte Labour Corps_62 Briercliffe Rd_263
Taylor John William 48252 Pte Yorkshire R_5 TF George St_6
Taylor John William 55495 Pte North Fus_10 (S)K-3 68 Bde 23 Div Barden Lane_107
Taylor John William 219229 Pte RAD TS_48 Claughton St_6
Taylor John William 16035 Pte Labour Corps_25 Lionel St_65
Taylor Joseph T/700768 Dvr RFA B/330_Bty Belverdere Rd_58
Taylor Joseph 203652 Pte E Lancs_1/4 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Cricket St_10
Taylor Joseph (Jun) 103856 Pte RAMC Gillowe St_19
Taylor Joseph (Sen) 700256 Sgn RFA Gillowe St_21
TAYLOR JOSEPH HAROLD 35136 Pte E Lancs_2 25 Bde 8 Div Ash Lee_Manor_Drive Cleveleys Blackpool
Taylor Louis 36993 Pte Labour Corps_62 Emily St_48
Taylor Luther 307698 Pte Tank Corps_10th_Btn Hufling Lane_77
Taylor Richard 87947 Pte RWF 3 (Reserve) Rosehill Rd_2
Taylor Richard 180084 Gnr RGA Siege_Bty_198 Oxford Rd_24
Taylor Richard L/16094 Dvr RFA Athletic St_18
Taylor Robert   Lieut RE Broughton St_132
Taylor Robert 246062 AM_1 RAF Hurtley St_158
Taylor Robert   Pte Labour Corps_392 Finsley Gate_39
Taylor Robert 33594 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_2_B_Coy Leyland Rd_21
Taylor Robert Morris 40173 Pte RAMC Athol St_6
Taylor S 251772 Pte Argyll &_Sutherland_Highlanders  
Taylor Samuel 132420 Pte Labour Corps_HSE Hobart St_8
Taylor Stanley 16310 Pte KORLR 9 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Barden Lane_91
Taylor Thomas 237647 Pte Shrop Lt_Inf Clarence St_63
Taylor Thomas 111464 AM_1 RAF Stanish St_77
Taylor Thomas Robinson 70460 Pte Lan Fus_1_A_Coy 86 Bde 29 Div Stanhope St_14
Taylor Tom 700042 Bdr RFA Whittlefield Terrace_7
Taylor Tom 87742 Pte RWF 3 (Reserve) Gretna Place_3
Taylor Walter 50579 Pte E Lancs Phesantford St_12
Taylor Walter 1734 OS RN HMS_Research Raglan Rd_75
Taylor Walter 36545 Sgt RAF Marsden Rd_79
Taylor Wilfred 364851     Oporto St_2
Taylor William   Capt Loyal NL_R_att_RFC  
Taylor William 40100 Pte E Lancs_4 TF Hargher St_43
Taylor William 14417 Cpl Shrop Lt_Inf Hufling Court_4
Taylor William 63819 Pte DLI 20 (S)(Wearside) 123 Bde 41 Div Tentre St_45
Taylor William 700161 Dvr RFA Napier St_20
Taylor William Frederick 18411 Dvr RFA C_Coy_92_Bty Stanley Court_12
Taylor William Thomas 240589 Pte Inf Btn_1/2_HQ Hart St_51
Taylor William Thomas 50539 Pte Devon R_1/5 TF Clough St_39
Taylor William Vincent 24166 Pte E Lancs 6th (S)K-6 38 Bde 13 Div Nairne St_112
Teague John Thomas 4073 Gnr RFA Leyland Rd_136
Teague Thomas 5382 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Leyland Rd_136
Teague Thomas 208095 Pte RAMC Bivel St_14
Teague William   Pte E Lancs_4 TF Peter St_7
Teasdale Samuel 14520 L/Cpl MFP Grnby St_14
Teasdale Thomas Edward 18946 L/Cpl KORLR 6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Bradley St_9
Tegerdine George Leonard 25765 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Brunshaw Rd_216
Teifer Gordon       Padiham Rd_327
Tempest George 118267 AM_1 RAF Holbeck St 13
Tempest Hardy 352234 Pte RAMC ELFA_2/2 66(2rd E Lancs)Div Queen St_15
Tempest Hiram 26769 Pte Lan Fus_20 (S)(4 Salford)(Bantam) Barnes St_7
Tempest John 310350 Pte Labour Corps_739 Shale St_36
Tempest Tom 352229 Pte RAMC ELFA_2/2 66(2rd E Lancs)Div Whittam St_7
Templeton John Thomas 377057 Pte ASC MT Cromwell St_13
Tennant James 53059 Pte Manchester R_25 (Reserve)(Altcar)16 Res Bde Colne Rd_398
Tennant Richard 178322 Dvr ASC MT Emmett St_36
Tennant William M/317685 Dvr ASC MT_Coy_64 Emmett St_5
Terrell Henry Frederick 30630 Pte Dublin Fus_11 (Reserve)(Humber Garrison)1918 Ashworth St_8
Terry Alfred Bruce 71665 Cpl RE Athol St_138
Terry Edward Riley   Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Halifax
Terry George 176619 Pte MGC Coy_286 Bar St_16
Terry George 38534 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Biv 13 Div Bar St_16
Terry Harry M2/119930 Pte ASC MT_596 Athol St_138
Terry J W 17595 Pte E Lancs Claughton St_36* Formerly 225 Barden Lane
Terry James 241230 Cpl E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Claughton St_36* Formerly 225 Barden Lane
Terry James   Pte Cheshire R_1 15 Bde 5 Div Bank Parade_2* Formerly Park St
Terry John 2815 Pte Lan Fus_2 12 Bde 4 Div Bank Parade_28* Formerly Park St
Terry John (Jack) 15973 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div Thorn St_28
Terry John William 43790 Cpl London R_1/13 (Kensington)25 Bde 8 Div Claughton St_36* Formerly 225 Barden Lane
Terry Richard 18628 Pte Welsh R_2 3 Bde 1 Div Baron Terrace_42
Terry Sydney Carr 701302 Bdr RFA Bty_330 Albion St_62
Thackery Edwin 138562 Gnr RFA Grey St_123
Thackray Herbert MM 73408 Pte MGC B_Coy_25th Snowdon St_12
Therton John 460747 Pte Labour Corps_569 Lowerhouse Lane_290
Thickett James   Pte Scottish Rifles_9 (S)K-1 28 Bde 9 Div Robinson St_102
Thistlethwaite Allan 352068 Pte RAMC Dall St_43
Thistlethwaite Fred 700826 Gnr RFA Bty_85 Sandhurst St_13
Thistlethwaite John 71607 Pte Royal Fus_51 (Graduated)(Herringfleet) Waterbarn St_115
Thistlethwaite John Mitchell G 112505 Pte RGA Hy_Bty_146 Back Abel_St_20
Thistlethwaite Precy James 023465 Pte AOC S_Coy_25 Newhall St_62
Thistlethwaite Smith S/1520 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_38 12 Div Disraeli St_72* Formerly 30 Darwin St
Thistlethwaite Thomas 397115 Pte Labour Corps_783 Byron St_11
Thistlethwaite Tom 237505 Pte Shrop Lt_Inf_1 16 Bde 6 Div Mark St_29
Thistlethwaite Walter MZ/1296 Sgn RNVR HMS_Cormorant Barden Lane_95
Thistlethwaite Wilfred 67198 Dvr RFA B/48_Army_Bde Waterbarn St_115
Thistlethwaite William 9196 Dvr RFA Barden Lane_95
Thomas Albert Emmett 10718 Pte RWF 1st 22 Bde 7 Div Whittlefield St_21
Thomas Alfred (Jun) 99825 Gnr RFA Heath St_14
Thomas Anthony (Jun) 15466 Pte Scottish Rifles_11 (S)K-3 77 Bde 26 Div Ivan St_23
Thomas Anthony (Sen)       Ivan St_23
Thomas Arthur 34965 Pte E Lancs 3rd (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Waterbarn St_56
Thomas Arthur Horner   2/Lieut RAF Sqd_75 (England) Moseley St_20
Thomas D J S/21663 Pte (L/C) Seaforth Highlanders  
Thomas Ernest 11915 Trp Lancers 16 (The Queens)3 Cal Bde Cal Div Colne Rd_341
Thomas Ernest 18551 Dvr RFA How_Bde_170 Faraday St_10
Thomas Frederick L/95 Dvr RFA B_Bty_159_Bde Whittlefield St_21
Thomas Herbert 50159 Pte S Lamcs_6_C_Coy (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Heath St_18
Thomas J 26688 Pte East Surrey_Regiment  
Thomas James 28157 Pte Lan Fus_10 (S)K-2 52 Bde 17 Div Branch Rd_60
Thomas James 28854 Pte RE Bracewell St_20
Thomas James Henry 700420 Gnr RFA Ivan St_23
Thomas John 74182 Pte RDC 155 Abel St_142
Thomas Kenneth Galbraith   Capt RFA Bde_290 Manchester Rd_285a
Thomas Peter 132886 Pte Labour Corps_376 Howard St_224
Thomas Wilfred   Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Colne Rd_345
Thomas William 6816 Pte KRRC Anne St_75
Thomas Willie 99421 Saddler RFA Cavour St_10
Thomason Edward (Jun) 174345 Bdr RFA Brennard St_38
Thomason John Smith 56176 Trp Hussars 2/1 (Empress of India's Lancers) Cog Lane_352
Thomason John William 174404 Gnr RFA B/210_Bde Brennard St_38
Thomps William Arthur 5192 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Henthorne St_Padiham
Thompson Albert 208358 Pte RE Grey St_121
Thompson Albert   Pte Cold Gds Grey St_121
Thompson Albert 33708 Pte Welsh R_52 (Graduated)(Herringfleet) Clough St_59
Thompson Albert 55626 Pte Manchester R_24(S)(Oldham)(Pioneers) Hornby St_16
Thompson Alfred   Pte E Lancs_1/5 126 Bde 42 Div Broughton St_12
Thompson Arnold 7661 Cpl Lan Fus_11 (S)K-3 74 Bde 25 Div Doctor St_10
Thompson Arthur 51874 Pte E Lancs_2_A_Coy 24 Bde 8 Div Brunshaw Rd_138
Thompson Arthur 12644 Cpl E Lancs_2 TMB_25 Fletcher Row_7
Thompson Arthur 240850 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Bond St_2
Thompson Arthur 271423 Pte E Lancs_3 (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Clough St_59
Thompson Charles 545814 Pte Labour Corps_551 Whittlefield St_65
Thompson Christopher 88431 Pte Borber R_9 (S)K-3 (Pioneers)66 Bde 22 Div Carter St_40
Thompson Dick 352193 Pte RAMC ELFA_2/2 66 Div Bracewell St_39
Thompson Edwin 28750 Pte E Lancs_11 (S)94 Bde 31 Div Heath St_52* Formerly 22 Hiliary St
Thompson Egbert 240509 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Brunshaw Rd_130
Thompson Ernest M/280829 Dvr ASC MT_596 Linden St_11
Thompson Fred 64324 Pte Cheshire R_1/4 TF 159 Bde 53 Div Mizpah St_22
Thompson Fred 16398 Sgt Scottish Rifles_9 (S)K-1 28 Bde 9 Div Abinger St_1* Formerly 2 Bond St
Thompson Fred   Pte Suffolk R  
Thompson Fred 8367 Trp Dragoon Gds_4 (Royal Irish)2 Cal Bde Cal Div Bracewell St_39
Thompson Fred 240905 L/Cpl 2nd East Lancashire Regiment Travis St 46
Thompson Frederick Charles 36155 Pte E Lancs_6_Staff/Bde_HQ (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Crowther St_11
Thompson Frederick Charles 6130 Pte E Lancs 1st Elmwood Street 12
THOMPSON G   Pte Coldstreams 1st Sabden
Thompson George 32537 Pte KORLR 2/5 TF 170 Bde 57 Div Berwick St_12
Thompson George Patrick       Branch Rd_1
Thompson George Robert 63724 Dvr ASC Clough St_13
Thompson Harry 68798 Pte Worcester R_1 24 Bde 23 Div Bracewell St_39
Thompson Harry 30587 Pte RDF 11 (Reserve)(Plymouth) Marlbrough St_24
Thompson Harry 18117 Pte Lan Fus_16_A_Coy_2_Plt(2 Salford)96 Bde 32 D 1 Diligent St
Thompson Harry 279224 Pte Labour Corps_636 Hiliary St_8
Thompson Harry 191061 Dvr RFA DAC_56 Ivy St_3
Thompson Harry 106600 Gnr RGA Duke St_57
Thompson Harry 241411 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Newman St_14
Thompson Hartley 37710 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Broughton St_10
Thompson Henry 1602 Pte Austrailian Army Waterloo Rd_26
Thompson Herbert 38317 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Baker St_13
Thompson Herbert 23681 Pte KORLR Holmsby St_7
Thompson Isaish 331130 Pte RE IWD Nairne St_117
Thompson James 16488 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_14 (S)K-3 76 Bde 3 Div Nelson Sq_6
Thompson James 406270 AM_2 RAF Grey St_8
Thompson James 11953 Pte Labour Corps_49 Bush St_1
Thompson James 75189 Dvr RFA 23 Hornby St_16
Thompson James 85443 Gnr RGA Tarleton St_21
Thompson James 031767 Pte AOC Section_185 Brockenhurst St_81
Thompson James Archibald M/331469 Dvr ASC MT_APO_Workshop_No_5 Hind St_24
Thompson John       Linby St_16
Thompson John 32663 Pte Manchester R_2/5 TF 199 Bde 66 Div Milton St_15
Thompson John James 265242 Pte S Lancs_14 TF (Norfolk) Grimshaw St_32
Thompson John Thomas 148297 Gnr RGA Clay St_5
Thompson John Tillotson J/68096 AB RN HMS Collen Grey St_40
Thompson John William 38781 Cpl RAMC Gen Hospital_19 Albany Terrace_24
Thompson John William 5797 Pte RDC Broughton St_12
Thompson Nickolas 21177 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_55 (1/2 Wessex) 8 Div Scott St_28
Thompson Ralph 57605 L/Cpl MGC D_Coy Accrington Rd_93
Thompson Robert 115520 Pte RE Mizpah St_22
Thompson Robert 34931 Pte E Lancs_2/4 TF 198 Bde 66 Div Whalley St_28
Thompson Robert 242488 te ancs 2/5 TF 198 Bde 66 Div Camp St_29
Thompson Roland 44299 Pte KOYLI 1 83 Bde 28 Div Padiham Rd_760
Thompson S A   Cpt E Lancs  
Thompson Samuel T1/SR469 Dvr ASC Cal_Bde_7 Butler St_15
Thompson Stephen 52670 Pte Manchester R_2/6 TF 199 Bde 66 Div Villier St_10
Thompson Stephen 58409 Dvr ASC Victoria Terrace_242
Thompson Thomas 344602 Pte RE Special Water_Supply_Coy_360 Albion St_32
Thompson Thomas 272817 Pte RE Albion St_26
Thompson Thomas       163 Todmorden Rd
Thompson Thomas 97728 Gnr RFA Bde_364 28 Tabor St
THOMPSON THOMAS 8013 Pte E Lancs  
Thompson William 43579 Pte RE Mark St_27
Thompson William 61083 Pte North R_A_Coy_ Padiham Rd_760
Thompson William   Gnr RFA Bde_337 Todmoreden Rd_168
Thompson William 4234 Bdr RFA Bde_11 Parker Lane_16
Thompson William 241844 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Padiham Rd_760
Thompson William Arthur 3/87 AM_1 RAF Engine_Shop Todmoreden Rd_81
Thompson William Bromley 58563 Sgn RE HAL_69 Wordsmouth St_6
Thompson William Henry 314947 Dvr ASC MT Hurtley St_34
Thompson Wilson 40868 Pte E Lancs_2_C_Coy Scott St_28
Thoms William 6099080 Cpl Labour Corp_718 Latham St_7
Thomson James 16488 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_14 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Nelson Sq_6
Thopson Robert 43616 Pte Labour Corps_75 Red Lion_St_65
Thorley Harry 331447 Cpl RAF P_Section Parliment St_87
Thornber Archibald Randolph M2/225882 Dvr ASC Towneley St_42
Thornber Edmondson 423598 Pte DLI Abel St_133
Thornber Ernest Harold 25361 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_14 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Andrews St_2
Thornber Harry 125329 Pte/Sgn MGC Btn_39 Holbeck St_39
Thornber Herbert J/49749 OS RN HMS_Diana Waterbarn St_99
Thornber James   Lieut E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div The Cables Fern_Rd_Scott_Park
Thornber James 149877 Pte Labour Corps_388 Montague Rd_1
Thornber John 18938 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div May St_55
Thornber John Watson M2/265623 Dvr ASC MT_989 Manchester Rd_413
Thornber Percy   Lieut Loyal R The Cables_Fern_Rd_C_Scott_Park
Thornber Percy J/64666 OS RN HMS_Suffolk St Andrews_St_2
Thornber Radley 2755 Pte AOC May St_35
Thornber Rennie 1864 Pte E Lancs 1/5th  
Thornber Thalberg 7783 Pte E Lancs_2 Exchange St_16 Nelson
Thornber Thomas 1170 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div  
Thornber Thomas 701255 Gnr RFA 330 Raglan Rd_9
Thornber Uriah 152566 Pte RE 3rd_Army_Signals Montague Rd_7
Thornber Walter   Pte Scottish Rifles_10 (S)K-2 46 Bde 15 Div Raglan Rd_20
Thornber Wilkinson 532137 Pte   Rawson St_20
Thornber William 208683 Sgt Labour Corps_420 Montague Rd_13
Thornber William Bradshaw 720569 Dvr RFA Div_66 Waterbarn St_99
Thornber William Edward 84584 Pte Kings L'Pool Rawson St_24
Thornber William Slater 94757 Pte School of_Inf_203 Lowerhouse Lane_189
Thornburn John 019263 Pte AOC S_Coy_17 Hurtley St_154
Thornburn Matthew 2024 Sgn RN HMS_Graiton Hurtley St_154
Thornburn Robert 83010 Pte RAMC Gen_Hosp_133 Morley St_27
Thornhill Richard Fergus 23541 Pte Cylist Corps_B_Coy Newman St_16
Thornhill Richard Fergus 60355 Pte RE Newman St_16
Thornley Harry 240229 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Tentre St_34
Thornton A   Pte Bedford R  
Thornton Arthur 25486 Pte POW Corps_97 Brennard St_53
Thornton Carey 75095 L/Bmdr. RFA 91 Clayton Street, Nelson
Thornton Francis 55680 Pte Loyal NLR_1/5 TF 16 Bde 6 Div Bedford St_4
Thornton Fred 18946 Pte KORLR Hall St_46
Thornton Fred 220089 Cpl/Mech RAF Melville St_10
Thornton Harold 594710 Pte Camp Post_Office Elm St_27
Thornton Harold 66768 Gnr RGA Siege Bty_146 Melville St_44
Thornton Harold 56071 Dvr RFA 377 Bde_169_AFA_Bde North St_24
Thornton Harry 47680 Cpl RAF Grassmere St_16
Thornton Harry 1339 OS RNVR Melville St_21
Thornton Harry 48748 Pte RDC 456 Hull St_46
Thornton Harry   Gnr RFA Grassmere St_16
Thornton Hartley   Dvr ASC Melville St_46
Thornton Henry 39792 Pte Lancs Fus 15tHQ (S)(1 Salford)96 Bde 32 Div Manserge St_4
Thornton Herbert 203234 Pte E Lancs_4_A_Coy Swindon St_24
Thornton Herbert 700767 Dvr RFA Briercliffe Rd_23
Thornton Israel 307338 AM_1 RAF Emmett St_4
Thornton James 731369 Gnr RFA Green St_7
Thornton John 42456 Cpl Royal Scotts_2 8 Bde 3 Div Briercliffe Rd 23
Thornton John Arthur 37830 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div Saxon St_27
Thornton John William 3/39732 Pte E Lancs_3 (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Harold St_33
Thornton Richard Horatio SE/8405 Pte AVC Vet_Section_15 Hollingreave Rd_43
Thornton Robert Hope 288981 Pte RE Brunshaw Rd_208
Thornton Tom 700200 Sgt/Fitter RFA Bde_118 Swinless St_8
Thornton Walter   Pte   Wood St_43
Thornton Walter 545849 Pte Labour Corps_362 Crow Nest 5
Thornton Wilfred M2/181505 Dvr ASC MT Accrington Rd_188
Thornton William 143098 Pte RAMC Allen St_43* Formerly 21 Bankhouse_St 21
Thornton William Haig   2/Lieut RAF Sqd_106 Manchester Rd 163
Thornton Willis 42592 Pte Lincoln R Briercliffe Rd_717
Thorpe James Frederick 132317 Gnr RGA Siegh_Bty_5 Waterbarn St 85
Thorpe John Edward (John Bateman)   Cpl Lan Fus att RE Dantzie St Manchester
Thorpe William 204092 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Railway Terrace 8
Threadgould William 243878 Sgt Loyal NLR_1/4 TF 154 Bde 51 Div Grey St_11
Threfall Edmund 201772 L/Cpl RWF 4 TF Every St_37
Threlfall Richard   Pte    
Threlfall Thomas 48648 Pte Hunts Cylist_Corps_2/1 D_Coy(Skegness) Every St_37
Thursby William   Pte Shrop Lt_Inf_1 16 Bde 6 Div Hull St 6
Thwaite Alfred 192008 Pte Dispersol Section_Coy_3 Saxifield St 7
Thwaite James   Pte    
Thwaite John 15159 Pte RDC 3010 Junction St 35
Thwaites Robert L/314 Drv Royal Field Artillery Junction St 10
Tickett Alfred 46929 Pte Welsh Fus 13 (S)(1 N/Wales)113 Bde 38 Div Robinson St_102
Tickle Abraham 11347 Sgt Scottish Rifles Old Hall_St
Tickle Abraham K 35224 Stk 1st Class Royal Navy  
Tickle Gerard 234839 Dvr ASC Hilary St 34
Tickle James 14649 Pte Scottish Rifles Old Hall St
Tickle Robert 187 Pte RAMC 2/2nd Field Ambulance  
Tieney Bernard 242046 Pte KORLR Reed St 38
Tighe Daniel 56053 Pte Essex R_13*(S)(West Ham)100 Bde 33 Div Lynhurst Rd 39
Tighe Edward 9846 Sgt E Lancs_2 Cooper St 3
Tighe Joseph 377707 Pte Labour Corps_768 Cooper St 3
Tighe Joseph 201815 Pte E Lancs_4 TF Lynhurst Rd 39
Tighe Patrick 16626 Pte RDF 6 (S)K-1 30 Bde 10 Div Lynhurst Rd 39
Tilbury Leonard Wesley 64476 Pte RWF Cameron St_8
Till Thomas 19132 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Griffen St_5
Tilley Hubert 5583 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Curedale St 27
Tillotson Arthur 124087 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_53 17 Div Barden Lane_221
Tillotson Francis 129826 AM_1 RAF Mountphesant St 25
Tillotson Frank Piert 75594 Pte RWF 11 (S)K-3 67 Bde 22 Div Towneley Lodge
Tillotson Harry 29201 Pte Loyal NLR Preswick St_58
Tillotson Harry 201653 Pte E Lancs_9 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Whitham St 23
Tillotson Herbert 43554 Pte S Lancs_1/4 TF (Pioneer) 7 Bde 3 Div Cleaver St 134
Tillotson John 028044 Pte AOC Marquis Place 10
Tillotson John William 19048 Pte E Lancs Gannow Walk 14
Tillotson U 6/11299 Cpl E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div  
Tillotson Unsworth 26709 Pte Labour Corps_D_Coy Meadows St 2
Tillotson William Griffard 203446 Pte E Lancs Towneley Lodge
Tillotson William Peel   Sub/Gnr RN HMS_Almangora Marquis Place 10
Timberlake Albert Edward 157 Fireman RN HMS_Olympia Preswick St 10
Timson William   2/Lieut W York_R_15 (S)(1 Leeds) Towneley Terrace
Tindall Albert 23915 Pte KORLR 8 (S)K-2 56 Bde 19 Div Furness St 16
Tingle J 10280 Sgt E Lancs  
Tinkler W G S/17750 Pte (L/C) Cameron Highlanders  
Tinlder John 292932 Pte Labour Corps_706 Queensbury Rd_48
Tinnion Albert 25257 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div Clark St 51
Tinnion Ernest 18723 Pte E Lancs Clark St 51
Tinsley Edward 43728 Pte Leicester R Cavour St 41
Tinsley Edward 103154 Pte Notts &_Derby_R_2 18 Bde 6 Div Cavour St 41
Tinsley James 2885 Sko RN (RNVR) Padiham Rd 806
Tinsley Walter 011522 L/Cpl AOC Moore St 28
Tippett Arthur 28334 Pte Wiltshire R_1 7 Bde 3 Div 14 Jockey St
Tippett George 25202 Pte E Lancs_6 (S) K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Manchester Rd 172
Titterington   Pte Canadian Contengent_2rd Stoneyholme
Titterington Harold James 68967 Pte RAMC OAK St 21
Titterington James 203225 Pte E Lancs_2 Kay St 10
Titterington James 77673 Pte Manchester R Kay St 16
Tittley George Culshaw 60449 Dvr ASC Job St 5
Tobin Michael 240464 Pte E Lancs_1/5 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Caldervale St 39
Toby J 8561 Pte E Lancs  
Todd Harry 018546 L/Cpl AOC Coy_7 Brunshaw Rd_31
Todd James        
Toft William Henry 35504 Cpl RDC Queensbury Rd 27
TOMAN W       Former Burnley
Tomblin Hubert Lambert 19434 L/Cpl E Lancs (Cylist Corps) 60 Div Daneshouse Rd 66
Tomlinson Albert T2/016161 Dvr ASC Gannow Lane 191
Tomlinson Albert 31212 Pte KOSB Clarence St 21
Tomlinson Albert 119833 Pte MGC Abel St 108a
Tomlinson Christoper 185494 Sgt RE EM_300_Coy Devonshire Rd 57
Tomlinson Cornelilus (Jun) 382098 Pte Labour Corps_44 Queensbury Rd 36
Tomlinson Edward 77869 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_108 36 Bde Colville St 13
Tomlinson Emmett 15912 Pte Shropshire Yeo_2/1 (6 Cylist Bde) Carr St 36
Tomlinson Ernest 218159 Pte Labour Corps_777 2rd Anti-Aircraft Workshop Scotts Terrace_22
Tomlinson Frank Beatie   Lieut E Lancs_1/4 TF 126 Bde 42 div Salford Hotel
Tomlinson Fred   Sgt KORLR Claughton St 5
Tomlinson George 35347 Dvr ASC MT_373 Duckett St 41
Tomlinson George 437229 Pte Labour Corps Cog Lane 110
Tomlinson George 2090946 Pte RE 702_Labour_Corps Hirst St_21* Formerly 13 Helena St
Tomlinson Henry 34484 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div Granville St 13
Tomlinson James 71115 Pte Lan Fus Pear St 34
Tomlinson James 105655 Pte KORLR Pear St 34
Tomlinson James 915710 Pte DLI 2 18 Bde 6 Div Nichol St 17
Tomlinson James Robert 319040 L/Cpl Labour Corps_Employment_Coy_636 Hollingreave Rd 40
Tomlinson James Stuart 29309 Pte KORLR 8 (S)K-3 76 Bde 25 Div  
Tomlinson John 17584 Pte SWB 2 TF Keith St 5
Tomlinson John 73945 Dvr RFA Nickol St 17
Tomlinson James Edward 63895 L/Cpl RAMC Hollingreave Rd 154
Tomlinson John James 66351 Pte Yorkshire R Monmouth St 19
Tomlinson John William 11511 Pte RM Reed St 8
Tomlinson Reginald 6610 Pte E Lancs Russell St 16
Tomlinson Robert Charles 37256 Pte E Lancs_8/9 Btns Reed St 54* Formerly 24 Emily St
Tomlinson Robert George M/394957 Pte ASC Sect_5_42_Coy Queen Victoria_Rd 48
Tomlinson Thomas 63617 Pte RAMC Prow_Coy Olivant St 5
Tomlinson Walter 31862 AM_1 RAF Dean St 3
Tomlinson Walter 143281 Dvr ASC MT Spencer St 3
Tomlinson William 132400 Pte Labour Corps_566 Pear St 34
Tomlinson William Thomas 241982 Pte KORLR 2/5 TF 170 Bde 57 Div Dall St 139
Toms Alfred 50789 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_45 15 Div May St_10
Toms John 193094 Pte RE Special_Coy Every St 9
Toms Richard Henry NZ/264569 Dvr ASC Oxford Rd 95
Toms Robert 40667 Pte E Lancs_4 Branch Rd 69
Toms Wilfred 34289 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Laithe St 76
Toms William James 29198 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_11 7 Div Dall St 22
Tonge Alfred 33832 Pte Labour Corps_57 Parilment St 42
Tonge John 549632 Pte ASC 812 Back Ince_Court_4
Tonge John 5856 Pte Connaught Rangers_1 3rd (Lahore) Div Back Ince_Court_4
Tonge Peter 92090 Pte A Coy New Barracks Limerick Ireland Back Ince_Court 4
Tonge William Thomas 9848 Pte Connaught Rangers_1 Back Ince_Court 4
Tonner Arthur 47492 Pte MGC Newcastle St 10
Tooby John Edward 18239 Pte R Scots_Fus Glebe St 30
Tooby Thomas 03778 Pte AOC 83_Coy Cairo St 21
Tookey 8684 Pte Loyal NLR  
Tookey George William 112086 Gnr RGA Seigh_Bty_234 Padiham Rd 78
Tookey Herbert 243825 Pte Loyal NLR_1/4 TF 154 Bde 51 Bde Athol St_50* Formerly 11 Arran St
Toole Harry 71847 Pte RAMC Howard St 9
Toop   Pte E Lancs  
Toop Frederick William 269321 Pte Kings L'Pool_R_7 TF Milton St 47 Padiham
Tooper   Pte KORLR Worsthorne
Tootle Arthur 23621 Pte E Lancs_9 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Bivell St 36
Tootle William WR/27183 Pte RE Rail_Const_Coy_243 Godley St 13
Topper Richard 3915 Pte KRRC 1 6 Bde 2 Div Russell St 15
Topping Alfred 157175 Pte MGC Lisbon St 24
Topping Alfred 241005 Pte MGC Lydia St 20
Topping John 494896 Pte Labour Corps_351 Baron Terrace 36
Topping Peter T3/025488 Dvr ASC MT_163 Free Trade_St_7
Torkington Herbert 33966 Gnr RFA Accrington Rd 137
Torkington Matthew 243827 Pte RE Coy_10 Arundle St_8
Torkington Roland 221424 Cpl E Lancs_11 (S) 94 Bde 31 Div Whittlefield St 33
Torkington Samuel James 446558 Pte Labour Corps_837 Tentre St 10
Torkington Wilfred 1703 Pte Loyal NLR_1/4 TF 154 Bde 51 Div Padiham Rd 241
Towell Herbert 40282 2rd/Cpl RE FC_62 Padiham Rd 195
Towers James Andrew 530681 Pte Labour Corps_533 Accrington Rd 215
Towey John 482749 Pte Labour Corps_681 Holme St 16
Towler Albert 29480 Pte E Lancs_11 (S) Z Coy 94 Bde 31 Div Escar St_5
Towler Albert 171521 Gnr RGA Coy_11 Escar St_12
Towler Arthur Edward 14772 Pte RMD HMS_Queen_Elizabeth Devonshire Rd 8
TOWLER EDWIN 238434 Pte Lan Fus_2/7 TF Pine St_7
Towler Edwin 18093 Gnr RFA 2_Bty_211_Bde North St 47
Towler Edwin 238434 Pte Lan Fus_2/7 TF 197 Bde 66 Div Pine St 7
Towler Ernest 201782 Sgt E Lancs_1/4 TF 126 Bde 42 Div Bank Parade 2
Towler Fred 18590 Pte Res Bde_6th_Signal_School Cleaver St 83
Towler Harry       Lowerhouse Lane_227
Towler John 72389 Pte RDC Dall St 81
Towler John Willie 42367 Pte RDC Milton St 63
Towler John Willie 543150 Pte Labour Corps Milton St 63
Towler Lucas 4422 Pte AVC Merton St 33
Towler Robin M/301770 Dvr ASC MT Lynhurst Rd 129
Towler Thomas 37561 Sgt E Lancs_6_D_Coy (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Escar St 5
Towler Walter   2/Lieut E Lancs_1/12*1/2 Loyal NLR Queensbury Rd 51
Towler William 15070 L/Cpl RDC 318 North St 47
Towler William Ernest 5502 Pte KORLR 1 12 Bde 4 Div Claughton St 36
Towler William Ewart 3502 Pte KRRC 1 Hiliary St 32
Town Harry 11/15578 Pte E Lancs_3 (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Paper St 7
Townsend Herbert 179223 Pte MGC Prince St 20
Townsend John Henry 125117 Pte Labour Corps_70_Dispersal_Camp Granby St 16
Townsend Joseph 45149 Pte RIF 2 82 Bde 27 Div Green St 15* Formerly 4 Walnut St
Townsend Robert P2/3503 AB RN Brunshaw Rd 277
Townsend Thomas 37101 Pte Lan Fus_2/5 TF 197 Bde 66 Div Clive St 39
TOWNSON DANIEL HOLMES 6868 L/Cpl Manchester R_1 Jullundur Bde 3rd(Lahore)Div Waterside Colne
Townson Fred       Abbey St 8
Townson Harold 65967 Pte Cheshire R_23 TF 178 Bde 59 Div A Coy Argle St 3
Townson John   AM_1 RAF Tentre St 11
Townson John Henry 125117 Pte Labour Corps_70 Cairo St 5
Townson Richard 40470 Pte Essex R_17 TF (Weybourne) Monmouth St 12
Townson Richard 43029 Pte   Dwell St 25
Townson Robert PZ/3505 AB RN Brunshaw Rd 477
Townson Thomas M/15335 AB RN HMS_Vivid Ryan St 32
Tozer Harry 352191 Pte RAMC ELFA_2/2 66 (2 E Lan)Div Ivy St 43
Tracey John T/33338 Sgt ASC Coy_24 Bridge St 55
Tracey P 8801 Pte E Lancs  
Tracey Thomas 181476 Pte MGC (H)TB Bridge St 55
Tracey William 8598 Pte 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 6 Whipp Street
Tramner Donald   Pte    
Travis C 10?87 Pte E Lancs  
Treadwell James Arthur 42688 Pte Manchester R_2 14 Bde 5 Div White Bull_St 5
Tregay Harry 71846 Pte RAMC Fld_Amb_81 27 Div Burdett St 28
Tregilas William P/13499 L/Cpl MFP Belveredere Rd 98
Tregilgas Eustace 59081 Sgt Cheshire Yeo Wynotham St 40
Tregilgas Eustace 47276 Sgt Royal Scots_1/10 TF(Cylist) Wynotham St 40
Tremble Edwin 31095 Trp Cal Div_5 Bedford St 20
Tremble John 28150 Pte RDC Bedford St 20
Treseder William 37249 Pte E Lancs_9 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Cog Lane 312
Tresh Herbert 34330 Pte Norfolk R Miller St 13
Treverchick William Thomas 9228 Pte Coldstream Gds_1 Gordon St 78
Trevithick Wilfred S/10741 Pte Seaforth Hgds Gordon St 78
Trezise Albert 294192 Pte Labour Corps_4 Plt_707 Scotts Terrace_13
Tricket Harris 218816 Pte Labour Corps_733 Brunshaw Rd 93
Tricket James 5172 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Rumley Rd 6
Tripper James 240729 Pte E Lancs_4 TF Byron St 11
Trotter Fred 52554 Pte AVC Sec_No_6 Laithe St 86
Trotter Fred 71565 Pte RAMC Regent St 9* Formerly 63 Stanish St
Trotter John Robert 33439 Pte AVC Standish St 63
Troughton John Thomas 7146 CQMS Border R_4 TF Grey St 65
Truan Arthur 17738 Pte Lincoln R_4 TF Naire St 137
Truan Ernest       Brockenhurst St 26
Truan James 477628 Pte Labour Coy_214 Duerden St 9
Truan Joseph 111151 Pte Tank Corps Nairne St 137
Truby John Thomas 141881 Pte MGC 35 Trout St 7
Trudgill Edward Charles 126531 Pte RE Cog Lane 303
Tuck Michael 20665 Pte RDC Duke St 36
Tuck William 97033 Pte Manchester R_E_Coy Devonshire R_75
Tucker Arthur William 67326 Pte RWF Rennie St 20
Tucker Frederick William 49641 Cpl MGC Tunstill St 55
Tucker James 496441 Pte MGC 2 Div Newhall St 122
Tueart Peter Thomas 2220 Pte RM Brunshaw Ed 485
Tuhey Henry 115147 Pte RAMC Bedford St 12
Tuley Young 266490 Pte Duke Of_Wells_2/7 TF 186 Bde 62 Div Elmwood St 32
Tunney James 27742 Gnr RGA Siegh_Bty_124 Ivy St 35
Tunstall Fred 28876 Pte KORLR 6(S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Briercliffe Rd 278
Tunstill Arthur 37574 Pte KORLR Williams Rd 57
Tunstill Thomas 486350 Pte Labour Corps 400 Padiham Road
Tunstill William Robert 38524 Pte E Lancs_3 (Reserve)(Tees Garrison) Godwin St 11
Turemore Thomas 25791 Dvr ASC Moseley St 25
Turkington Francis 129826 AM_1 RAF Mount Pheasant_St 12
Turley James Harold 91592 AM_1 RAF AD Swindon St 8
Turley Joseph Walter 60892 Pte MGC Weldon St
Turley Joseph Walter 60892 Pte MGC Weldon St 7
Turley Peter 141552 Bdr RGA Siegh_Bty_449 Prince St 10
Turmore Arthur 36514 Pte KORLR 9 (S)K-3 65 Bde 22 Div Elizah St 25
Turmore Joseph Francis 47631 Pte RWF 13 (S)(1 N/Wales)113 Bde 38 Div Eliza St 25
Turnball Edgar 20644 Pte E Lancs_6 (S) 38 Bde 13 Div Ribblesdale St 9
Turnball Harry 25368 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Padiham Rd 362
Turnball Thomas Jeffrey 51353 Pte E Lancs_1/5* Later 1st Padiham Rd 362
Turner A A   Pte Lan Fus_2 12 Bde 4 Div  
Turner Albert 36436 Pte KORLR 6 (S)K-6 38 Bde 13 Div Lynhurst Rd_23* Formerly 12 Grey St
Turner Albert Edward 024665 Pte AOC Coalclough Lane_45
Turner Allan        
Turner Arthur 357875 Pte Labour Corps_802 Hunslett St_9
Turner Arthur Percy DMZ207400 Dvr ASC AMTW Cottismore House_Haworth_Rd
Turner Charles 201809 Gnr RGA A_Bty Lynhurst Rd 50
Turner Christopher 133936 AM_1 RFC School_Of_Aeronantus)_6th Hirst St 36
Turner Ernest 028518 Pte AVC Accrington Rd 176
Turner George 352095 Pte RAMC Mitella St 110
Turner Harry 37359 Pte E Lancs_1 11 Bde 4 Div Bank Parade_64
Turner Harry 18048 Pte APC Padiham Rd 127
Turner Harry 18049 Pte AOC Padiham Rd 127
Turner Harry Lomax 34077 Pte Wiltshire R_5 (S)K-1 40 Bde 13 Div Every St 127
Turner Harry Lomax 368692 Pte RE Every St 127
Turner Herbert 37131 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Croft St 58
Turner James William 212411 Pte RE Fld_Coy_422 Bedford St 28
Turner John 479205 Pte Labour Corps_157 Villers St 39
Turner John 352686 Pte RE Howe St_28* Formerly Empress Hotel
Turner John K/41881 AB/Wireman RN Leyland Rd 26
Turner John James       Thursfield St 4
Turner Joseph 385730 Pte Labour Corps_72 Devonshire Rd 82
Turner Joseph Shaw 448852 Dvr ASC RSPO Keith St 16
Turner Norman   Pte Canadian MGC Canada
Turner Peter T2/12842 Dvr ASC Clock St 48
Turner T 10837 Pte E Lancs  
Turner Thomas Crowther   Lieut RFA Howe St 28
Turner Thomas Edward J/66677 OS RN HMS_Queen_Elizabeth St Cuthbert_St 21
Turner Tom 204134 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Rosegrove Lane 57
Turner Walter   AB/Gnr RN RNVR Howe St 28
Turner William 242702 Pte Middlesex R Keppell St 17
Turner William Henry 41075 Pte Lan Fus Sunderland St 28
Turney James 248840 Pte RE Sand St 16
Turton John   Steward MN SS_Albinse Whalley St 41
Turton Thomas   Pte Austrailian Army Austrailia*Formerly 2 Ward St
Twaite Alfred 192008 Pte 3rd---F Coy Saxifield St 7
Twaites Fred 180934 AM_i RAF Cog Lane_340
Tyman John Henry 37515 Pte E Lancs_6 (S)K-1 38 Bde 13 Div Cooper St 18
Tynan W 6710 Pte E Lancs  
Tyrrell George Robert   CSM Army Gym_Staff Doctor St 8
Tyrrell John 33184 Pte Labour Corps_56 Berwick St 13
Tyson Joseph 244139 Gnr RFA Harling St 27
Tyson Walter 336399 Pte Essex R_2/8* ASC_MT_978 Bedford St 10
Tyzzer Harold 406164 Pte RAMC SS_Area_795 Merton St_13