Coal Clough School

To the memory of the brave sons of the empire that fell on the battlefield of Europe. They have fought the good fight, dying in the cause of humanity, that honour might live.

Edward Dickinson
Henry Sutcliffe
Peter Stanworth
Eric Arran
Albert Ashworth
Fred Bentley
Ernest Binns
Harry Bridge
Arthur Bridge
Robert Caton
George Coupe (should read Cowpe)
Jesse Crook
William T. Cunliffe
Fred Dodds
George Dewhurst
Joshua Farrer
Roland Gibson
Albert Garside
Albert Greenwood
John Holmes
John C. Hall
Edward Hall
Harry Holdsworth
Fred Ashworth
John H. Hargreaves
William Howker
William A. Hall
James H. Ingham
Stephen Jackson
Arthur Kershew
Frank Maymond
John R'd Morris
Harold Mercer
James Mitton
James Moorhouse
James W. Pooter
Maurice Renwick
Harold Roberts
John T. Riley
Leonard Ruddock
Robert Simpson
Tom Tapper
Clarence Watson
Percy Whittam
Tom Stephenson
Robert H. Simpson
Ernest H. Willan
William H. Watson
Alan T. Whittaker
(The following have been added on a separate panel under the main memorial)
Edward Myers
William Clayton
Archie Jagger
Edgar Halstead
Harold Halstead
Irvine Kay
John Ferrer
Geo. W. Smith
Gilbert Hurley
James Dean
John R. Pickup
Arthur Clegg
William Robinson
Ernest Kay
Herbert Kay
Harold Greenwood
Chas R.
Fred Pollard


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