"Our Fallen Heroes" 1919


The ever increasing casualties incurred as the war progressed were reported in the Burnley Express.
Initially under the blunt heading "The Death Roll" but later under the more acceptable title "Our Fallen Heroes"
Here is a chronological list of casualties as the war progressed.


1st January 1919 Benjamin Halstead 114822  1st Canadian Mounted Rifles
4th January 1919 George William Proctor 022286 Royal Army Ordanance Corps
5th January 1919 Joseph William Potter 64835 6th Yorkshire Regiment
7th January 1919 William Starkie 487610 1036 Area Coy Labour Corps
8th January 1919 John Robert Varley 12677 6th East Lancashire Regiment
11th January 1919 James Henry Preston Lieutenant Indian Labour Corps
11th January 1919 Lewis Tyman 16499 1/8th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
12th January 1919 Arthur Kershaw 120821 60th Machine Gun Corps
14th January 1919 Joseph Riley 4429 1st East Lancashire Regiment
16th January 1919 W Riley 1289 1/5th East Lancashire Regiment
23rd January 1919 Francis Nuttall 700964 Royal Field Artillery
23rd January 1919 William Pate 700251 Royal Field Artillery
23rd January 1919 Frederick Rutty 4/57335 1/4th Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment
24th January 1919 Job Thornton 12708 7th Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment
1st February 1919 Arthur Wilkinson 612634 2/19th London Regiment
3rd February 1919 Richard Thomas Broxup 382403 Army Service Corps
3rd February 1919 Philip Burke 7707 Manchester Regiment
9th February 1919 Richard Harvey Parker 105896 Royal Garrison Artillery
10th February 1919 Joseph Townson 37594 6th East Lancashire Regiment
12th February 1919 Isaac Thompson 90177 Kings Liverpool Regiment
13th February 1919 Walter Rowland Shaw 114507 Kings Liverpool Regiment
14th February 1919 Leonard Sugden L/1706 Royal Field Artillery
17th February 1919 Alfred Thompson 619845 Labour Corps
18th February 1919 Allan Lee 37050 21st Labour Corps
19th February 1919 Tom Eltoft M2/021929 Army Service Corps
19th February 1919 John Sullivan 5459 10th Australian Army
21st February 1919 John Robinson 47158 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
22nd February 1919 Leonard Wareing 74567 4th Manchester Regiment
23rd February 1919 John Hamer 114177 Labour Corps
23rd February 1919 H Nuttall 115208 3rd Kings Liverpool Regiment
25th February 1919 Joseph Hatton Fardo 36108 Lancashire Fusiliers
25th February 1919 William Henry Lee 453490 416 Labour Corps
28th February 1919 J Kilgallen 2316 3rd Irish Guards
28th February 1919 Herbert John Morgan 44125 9th Labour Corps
28th February 1919 Robert S Payne 86154 Manchester Regiment
2nd March
Joseph George P8830 Military Police (Foot)
4th March
William George Buggs 39185 6th East Lancashire Regiment
6th March
James Kippax 97929 Royal Army Medical Corps