Hardly a day goes by without something being added to the site, be it a single photograph sent in by a relative, a new piece of information, or more details on individual men. The main objective is to create an individual page on as many men as possible (if an individuals name on the served, or served and survived, is in blue you can click on it for more information)

Site updates indicates anything other than information on a single man


24th October 2006 Burnley in the Great War Launched
4th March 2007 Burnley Butchers Association Memorial
Richard Lancaster details of funeral 93 years after his death
12th March 2007 St. Matthew's Memorial
17th March 2007 Pre Great War Photograph of Holy Trinity Church added to Memorials
24th March 2007 Burnley Commemorative silks
8th April 2007 Did the Lucky Monkey of Mons help the Clarets ?
9th April 2007 Young Kitchener photographs
18th April 2007 Original Battledress of George Christian Haffener donated to the museum
23rd April 2007 14000 names of Burnley men who served and survived
8th May 2007 St James' , St Stephens & St Andrews Memorials
31st May 2007 Burnley Cemetery Memorial
4th June 2007 Hieland Lassie
15th June 2007 Will Marshall The Last Accrington Pal
7th July 2007 Funeral of Richard Lancaster 4/7/2007 Photographs
11th July 2007 Burnley Mashers
15th July 2007 Burnley Great War Poets
21st July 2007 Providence Memorial Loveclough
30th July 2007 Battle of Pilkem Ridge 90th Anniversary
9th September 2007 Burnley "Oddfellows"
13th January 2008 Burnley Great War Poets - Pte. Henry Stanworth
21st January 2008 "Forgotten" Burnley Man to be commemorated
16th March 2008 New Burnley Silk James Hartley Bannister
23rd March 2008 St Margaret's Church Great War Plaques
23rd March 2008 St Catherine's Church
26th March 2008 Pickup Croft Memorial
29th March 2008 Arthur Edmonson Empire Mill Rosegrove Memorial
29th March 2008 Coal Clough School Memorial
29th March 2008 Wood Top School Memorial
29th March 2008 Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
29th March 2008 Samuel Smith & Sons, Fellmongers & Leather Dressers, Colne & Burnley
29th March 2008 Mount Zion Baptist Chapel
29th March 2008 Harle Syke Wesleyan Church & Sunday School Memorial
29th March 2008 Elim Chapel
29th March 2008 Walshaw Manufacturing
30th March 2008 Two New Hieland Lassie Photographs
5th April 2008 Photograph of Pickup Croft added
5th April 2008 Salem Church
7th April 2008 Thursby Rd Congregational Church and Sunday School
15th April 2008 New Burnley commemorative silk - Alfred Cronshaw
16th April 2008  John Greys Ltd Cameron Mill
12th June 2008 Bethesda Congregational Church
19th June 2008 Photograph of Holy Trinity Memorial
29th June 2008 New photograph of Hieland lassie
6th July 2008 St Cuthberts War Memorial
6th July 2008 Burnley's War Memorial, Towneley Park
10th July 2008 Burnley medal and cap badge - coincidence ?
10th July 2008 The "other" Burnley St Bartholomew's Burnley Australia
23rd July 2008 Photograph of Worsthorne Wesleyan Sunday School Memorial
23rd July 2008 Photograph of Coal Clough School Memorial
23rd July 2008 Photograph of Samuel Smith & Sons, Fellmongers & Leather Dressers, Colne & Burnley
23rd July 2008 Photograph of Elim Sunday School and Church Memorial
24th July 2008 Photograph of Harle Syke Wesleyan Church & Sunday School Memorial
25th July 2008 Photograph of Colne Road Wesleyan Chapel Memorial
26th July 2008 Photograph of Wood Top Sunday School Memorial
26th July 2008 Photograph  of Arthur Edmondson Empire Mill Rosegrove Memorial
26th July 2008  Photograph of Mount Zion Baptist Chapel Memorial
11th August 2008  Many unidentified photographs (page 7 page 8 page 9) courtesy of Kieron Ridehalgh
27th August 2008 Burnley Men Buried in Lemnos - Greece by Andrew Mackay
28th August 2008  Hanover Chapel
28th August 2008 Burnley Men in the raid on Zeebrugge 1918
25th September 2008  All Saints Padiham Road  photograph courtesy of Dave O'Mara
27th September 2008 Greenbrook Methodist photograph courtesy of Dave O'Mara
27th September 2008 Burnley Police Station photograph courtesy of Dave O'Mara
27th September 2008 St John's R.C. photograph courtesy of Dave O'Mara
27th September 2008 St Peters Memorial and Cross, photographs courtesy of Dave O'Mara
29th September 2008 Mount Olivet
3rd October 2008 Tim Bobbin Hotel
3rd October 2008 More Fund Raisers Edgar & Annie Wharf
4th October 2008 Burnley's First Casualty ?
4th October 2008 Burnley's Last Casualty?
6th October 2008 Howard Street Sunday School
11th October 2008 Briercliffe
21st October 2008 Burnley's German Soldier ?
30th October 2008 Burnley's Four (and one phoney) VC's
23rd November 2008 Myrtle Bank (Mount Pisgah Chapel)
30th November 2008 Eric Midgely, Burnley's "Mr. Poppy"
20th December 2008 Sergeant Richard Bullock MM - Letters from his Belgian Fiancee
24th January 2009 Aenon Chapel Memorial
25th January 2009 Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Photograph added
25th January 2009 Briercliffe War Memorial
25th January 2009 Burnley Cemetery
25th January 2009 Burnley Centre War Memorial
18th February 2009 Goodnight Jack - Jack Horsfall 1923-2008
6th March 2009 New Commemorative Silk to Harry Hartley Howarth
7th April 2009 New Commemorative Silk to John Alpha Wilson
9th April 2009 Contemporary photograph of St. Matthews Memorial courtesy of Ian Lewis
16th May 2009 St. John's Gannow Memorial
2nd June 2009 Burnley's Last Casualty - new information
16th July 2009 Burnley's Youngest soldier ? Does anyone have any information on this man ?
17th July 2009 Reminiscences of James Henry Pellow 700872 Royal Field Artillery
13th September 2009 Burnley's Pre-War Amateur Football Teams
17th September 2009 H.M.T Burnley
17th October 2009 Burnley Streets
18th October 2009 Burnley Lads Club
23rd October 2009 Private Harry Birchall - collection of Prisoner of War photographs
1st March 2010 St Saviours F.C. 1920-21 includes Burnley soldiers
28th March 2010 Burnley Swimming Club Polo Team 1919
26th May 2010 All Saints F.C. 1909
7th June 2010 The wonderful cartoons of James Bailey
13th June 2010 Reports of my death may be a little premature ----- Bombardier Howarth Blakey
11th October 2010 Photograph of the grave of Major Hugh Colvin VC
24th October 2010 Exactly 4 years on Burnley in the Great War now has an individual page for every Burnley soldier who lost his life in the Great War. Now the task begins of adding all available local newspaper obituaries (and other reports) on each man
15th November 2010 Burnley man shot down by the Red Baron ?
6th February 2011 All Saints F.C. 1910-11
20th February 2011 Photograph of the original Culvert
20th February 2011 Finslay Gate Boat Yard - before the road bridge
21st March 2011 Another Burnley Fund Raiser - courtesy of Kieron Ridehalgh
29th June 2011 Burnley Salvation Army Band 1913-1914 - courtesy of Alan Harrison
15th July 2011 Burnley men taken prisoner in the Great War - courtesy of Denis Otter
17th July 2011

Local Badges & Fundraising Flags

22nd July 2011 New Commemorative Silk to Richard Henry Harvey
13th September 2011 New Memorial - New Church Swedenborgian - courtesy of Denise North
10th October 2011 Pilgrimage to Gallipoli
2nd November 2011 New Memorial - Manchester Road Wesleyan - courtesy of John Jordan
20th November 2011 5th East Lancashire Regimental Colours - courtesy of John Jordan
3rd January 2012 Burnley Lads Club Swifts F.C. 1911-12 - courtesy of Duncan Walker
11th January 2012 Burnley Chaplain buried the Red Baron !
22nd January 2012 Burnley Men in Prison Camp Mutiny
25th June 2012 Several additions to Burnley Streets
30th July 2012 Worsthorne with Hurstwood Parish Room Memorial - courtesy of Jim Forrester
28th September 2012 Billy Shoesmiths journal - a visit to Belgium in July 1920
29th September 2012 New Commemorative Silk to John William Tipping
13th October 2012 Another Burnley Man on the Zebrugge Raid - L.D.H 12271 James Smith
13th October 2012 New Memorial - St Oswalds Mission
28th December 2012 Billy Glasgow at Toc H - courtesy of Andrew Mackay
2nd January 2013 Burnley Men in the Boer War - Burnley and District men who served in the Boer War, many who also served in the Great War
3rd January 2013 Barracks Road - Photograph outside Number 8 dated 1937
3rd January 2013 Cronkshaw Building - Venue of the 2/2nd E.L.F.A. Silver Re-Union 4th November 1950 (Courtesy of Brent Whittam)
24th May 2013 Burnley Lads Club at Camp pre Great War - Courtesy of Towneley Hall
8th July 2013 Burnley Crested China - Courtesy of Kieron Ridehalgh
9th November 2013 Holme British Legion on Mons Sunday August 23rd 1931 at Towneley Park
2nd December 2013 Royal Edward - Transcript of a crew member on the Hospital Ship Soudan which picked up survivors
14th December 2013 St.Stephens Memorial - Research by Alan Mackay
15th December 2013 Sion Chapel Yorkshire Street Memorial - Research by Alan Mackay
27th March 2014 Clifton Tuesday F.C. 1911-12 - Team Photograph
8th May 2014 Wounded soldiers in Primrose Bank Infirmary (Burnley General Hospital) - (Courtesy of Eric Hebdon)
8th May 2014 Burnley R.F.A. Staff at Burnley Barracks?? - (Courtesy of Eric Hebdon)
23rd May 2014 Collinge Bros Ltd. Burnley Wood Mill Roll of Honour - (Courtesy of Paul Brierley)
4th June 2014 New Commemorative Silk Private Richard Smith 1/2nd East Lancashire Regiment
30th June 2014 New Commemorative Silk Private Alfred Philips 1st East Lancashire Regiment
1st July 2014 New Commemorative Silk - Private Albert Ashworth 1/6th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
1st December 2014 Soldier plus wife and children photographer Taylor - Ebay November 2014
18th December 2014 St James' Street Early View showing Red Lion Inn (Courtesy of Dianne Carlson)
19th December 2014 Fulledge Fulledge Wesleyan Field Day (Courtesy of Dianne Carlson)
22nd December 2014 Burnley F.C in the Great War
9th February 2015 Rosegrove Wesleyan Church R.O.H. (Courtesy of Neil Curson)
18th December 2015 Mazza's Eleven F. C. 1913-14 - (Courtesy of Dave O'Mara)
16th March 2016 Claremont Street United Methodist Church - Memorial added
23rd March 2016 Unknown East Lancashire Regiment Soldier - (courtesy of Peter Reaney)
3rd April 2016 Cameron Mill Memorial - (courtesy of Cynthia Morris)
22nd August 2016 New image on Burnley Crested China
14th September 2016 New Commemorative Silk - Charles Bannister 349953 1st Cameron Highlanders
17th September 2016 Herefordshire Regiment Soldier and Wife Burnley Photo Postcard - Ebay September2016
18th September 2016 Unknown Burnley R.A.M.C. soldier - courtesy of Imelda Hobbs
16th April 2016 Two picture of unknown Burnley Soldiers - courtesy of Elaine Baker
6th July 2017 Stoneyholme Weslyan Memorial - Courtesy of Mike Towend, Towneley Hall
16th November 2017 Contemporary Phototograph of 15469 Harry Proctors Wife and Mother visiting his Grave
22nd November 2017 Prisoner of War Release Letter to 235463 Private Daniel Dean - Courtesy of Kieron Ridehalgh
4th December 2017 Sergeant Instructor Royal Artillery - courtesy of David Cleaver
14 March 2018 Young Kitchener on a visit to Clitheroe - July 8th 1916. - courtesy of Shirley Penman
15th October 2018 Photo of Corporal Thompson Linford - courtesy of Kieron Ridehalgh - Padiham Archives
5th November 2018 New Burnley Silk - Herbert Hogan - courtesy of Ann Taylor
17th July 2019 William Henry Spedding - POW letters and images - courtesy of his son David
16th February 2020 Names linked on Burnley Police Station Memorial


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